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  1. josh19

    Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    we checked under the dash and pulled out all the sound proofing ,then put a hose over the windscreen and let it run for 5 mins. we then noticed a drip coming from the backing plate for the brake servo, so we unbolted the servo and spread sealer into the holes on the inside and around the servo mounting in the engine bay, it is now in the garage drying off will let it cure for a day or two and put the hose on it again. i`ll let you all know the results. josh
  2. josh19

    Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    cheers Pete will defiantly check that out, and Dan it would probably cost more than the car is worth haha :) will be checking out all the seals and bulkhead if buying another ford!
  3. josh19

    Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    hi dan, i take nit your talking about your 09 fiesta. mine is an 89 if they still leak 20 years later we haven`t got a hope of finding the answer any time soon :( josh
  4. hi everyone , just joined the forum,i hope someone can help me with my`s this, i have discovered water in the passenger footwell, had the carpet and sound proofing out and dried. then 2 days later wet ,very wet again. i`ve checked floor pan and door seals all seem ok have herd it may be the bulkhead but from where? can anyone help as i think my carpets will start to rot if this continues. regards josh
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums josh19 :)