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  1. JAMI3D0DG3R89

    Ford Focus Mk3 Audio/usb Lead For Ipod

    Thanks thats great to know saves me the £25.00 Ford Want!
  2. I am picking up my new Focus on Saturday, it has fitted the Sony Stereo with the USB and line in, in the glove box. I have seen that ford make an official connection lead for the iPod, do you have to have this for it to work with the wheel controls or can you just use a standard lead? Has anyone got a cheap copy that works well?? Any Advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  3. JAMI3D0DG3R89

    Replacement Gater And Gear Knob

    I managed to order a new gater and new gear knob (not 100% on the gear knob) however I am still going to change them tonight has anyone one got instuctions on how to get this off and change it, I know the gear knob just unscrews but I am not sure how to remove the old gaiter and attach the new one, photo's would help but good instructions would be better that nothing. Thanks
  4. JAMI3D0DG3R89

    Replacement Gater And Gear Knob

    I have a current stock gear knob and gaiter in my Fiesta 56 Plate Mk6 , it’s really annoying me as in the hot weather the tape under the top went so the silver panel has fallen off. I really want to get a Metal / Leather (or Leather Style) gear knob and Leather gaiter, I have seen on Ford Parts UK they do one for around £60 but I was wondering if anyone had any better suggestions as I would quite like to get a gaiter with blue sticking to match the interior of the car. Let me know what you guys think the help would be much appreciated. Jamie
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums JAMI3D0DG3R89 :)