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  1. Aboyner

    Indicator Problem?

    Ahh don't say that. I just had the GEM replaced last week and that cost €550.. What would cause it to just go off now?
  2. Aboyner

    Indicator Problem?

    I have a 2005 mk2 focus. Here's my problem: I was driving to work when I noticed when indicating right, the indicator was flashing faster than usual. I took this to mean one needed replacing. So when I arrived at work I got out of the car put on the indicators and all the lights on the right side were flashing really fast, front back and side. Then when I turned the indicator off I noticed that the indicators on the right were still a constant orange (not flashing) all of them where lit up. Anyone know the problem? Obviously ones gone but how do I know which one as there all lighting up, and does anyone know why there lit up when the lights are turned on? Appreciate the help if you's can. Thanks and happy Christmas :)
  3. Aboyner

    Window Sill Help/advice

    What about clear silicone? Ps. Thanks for the reply
  4. Aboyner

    Window Sill Help/advice

    Hey guys, The sill on my passenger window keeps lifting up (see image), although this isnt causing any trouble its really annoying. I can push it back in place but it just seems to come straight back out when driving and especially when i put the window down/up. Anyone have this problem or know what i can use to permanently hold it down? Would super glue work or would it just come back out of place when it gets wet?
  5. Aboyner

    Gem Trouble? How Much Will It Cost...

    I'll have a look Lenny thanks. Ye he said to me that it could be about €500. That's bad news anyway :-(
  6. ok so here's my story.. I have two lights that keep coming on on my dash, "low washer fluid level" in a yellow/orange light and "low brake fluid" in red and also the handbrake sign seems to come with this. Obviously neither of these are low thats the problem! At first I thought maybe there's something wrong with the sensors... my mate who works in ford had a look and there was fuses kinda loose that he pushed back in and he thought maybe that might of been what was wrong but the lights came back on(they come on and off whenever they want but they stay on most of the time) so he said the computer might need to be plugged in and just turn them off. So today he brought the ford computer home with him plugged it into my car and was not able to turn off the errors. He then said its coming up that there is a problem with the Gem. Does anyone know how much one of these are to get changed? Or ever have this sort of problem?My cars a 2005 1.6zetec if that matters. Im going back to college soon and really dont have the money to be spending loads on my car. Thanks in Advance guys.
  7. Aboyner

    Air Con

    My air con dosnt seem to work... When I have the cold air pressed on and the switch air con on it seems the exact same temp. I may have to get this fixed but don't trust fast fit to do it and don't want to get robbed from ford!
  8. Aboyner

    Laptop Help Please :)

    Thanks for the help guys... I didn't want to have to shell out 500quid on a new laptop when there's nothing wrong with mine!
  9. Hey guys Iv got an Advent laptop with 2gb RAM an had it for nearly two years now, it's still running very fast so there's no problem there. Here's my question, I'm going into my final college year and for my final year project which is a massive part of my course I need to download software onto my laptop (IES and MEPRevitt, unless you are also doing engineering you prob won't know what these are..) the issue I have is that when looking into system requirements both of these say 2gb RAM min and 3gb recommended. Iv tried upgrading my RAM but sadly it's at max. Iv had the IES software on my Laptop before, when it was new and it ran fine (you only get a 1yr contract that's why I don't have it anymore) but I'm just a bit concerned because my laptop is older now that if it'll be able to handle the software. Any computer whizz on here be able to recommended what to do? Also I'm planning on buying an external hardrive and storing all non-college work on that do there's songs etc on it. Thanks in Advance :-)
  10. Aboyner

    Gear And Handbrake Gaiter Change

    Where did you get the gear stick gaiter & how much? look to get one myself
  11. Aboyner

    Poor Efficiency In Low Gears?

    I was wondering what everyone else is getting... iv a 1.6 zetec and it says im getting 8.4L/100km. I think that works out to be around 34mpg? It is mostly around town driving so not many motorway trips so i think this is ok? what is everyone else getting? also... why dont they just put it as average mpg instead of that L/100km, it'd be much easier!!
  12. Aboyner

    Lowering Springs

    I 'm sorry i cant help but im also interested in this topic... also how much is it to get the springs and then how much to pay a garage to lower the car? iv only standard alloys 16" i think..but think the car sits real high!
  13. Aboyner

    Buying A New Focus...would Like Mod Tips :)

    Thanks for the offer mate but my roof is cream so i think the black/grey glasses hlder would stand out too much!!
  14. Aboyner

    Mk2 1.6 Petrol Question..

    Does anyone know if the mk 2.5 for Fog lights are a straight swap with the mk2? They look much better and are only £25 on eBay! So far iv done; Custom climate controls Installed footwell lights And am waiting on my s badge for the front. Am going to do soon; Mk3 washer jets(I'm assuming I don't have the heated ones? Not sure how to tell!?) Change interior lights to LED's
  15. Aboyner

    Focus Mk2/mk2.5 Mods Topic

    Was it difficult to change to the mk3 washer jets!?