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  1. Mk6 1.4 Duratec Loosing Coolant

    The Fiestas have an issue with the case of the thermostat cracking. It is on the passenger side of the engine, or there is a pipe underneath wich requires the airbox and battery case needs removing to get to.
  2. I have a 2009 1.6 TDCI and am having similar problems, mainly when on the motorway and cruising for sustained periods. I have an OBD reader and my car shows no faults, but the turbo boost does drop when the fault occurs. Despite no faults indicating if I clear the fault codes and stop the car the fault dissapears for an undertermined time. If I give my car a good run then the fault doesn't replicate. I have cleaned the MAF and all the indications of sensors are correct for the engine with the exception of the turbo boost when the fault occurs. Does anyone know if the speed sensors feed into the engine management. I believe that the ABS sensors double as speed sensors in the Fiesta, could this be the issue?
  3. This sounds like its running on its sump oil. I'd definately get it checked ASAP.
  4. Fiesta Mk7 leaking boot

    At nearly £80 an hour they are having a laugh surely!! Get someone with a presure washer to spray your car and see in you can locate the ingress yourself. Robbing bar stewards!
  5. water ingress

    My old Mk3 mondeo leaked like a seive. My spare tyre well was literally a well whenever it rained! Leaks are most likely due to the seals on the doors or around the light clusters. Get some good quality automotive silicon and try and find every place where you have water coming in. A good way to check is to dry the area out then get someone to use a pressure washer in te general area and see if you can see the ingress path.
  6. Centre Armrest

    I am definately going to get one of these. Looking at the boomerang though, does the bracket not interfere with the backseat paasengers? Cheers
  7. Having just bought an 09 plate Fiesta Titanium I am a bit worried about all the reports of buckled wheels. The problem with getting accurate figures is that many people complain in the the various forums that they are on and there is no one single point of contact for the problem. Ford will not as you suggest admit to the wheel failure unless forced to do so; like all of the car manufacturers. An online e-petition would work but I don't think you would get the required 100,000 signatures required to get a debate in parliment. A consumer program/magazine like Which? or whatcar/autoexpress may have more luck in forcing Ford into an impass with regard to doing something about the wheels. I likely think the reduction in wheel strength will be due to cheaper materials/manufacturing methods being used to reduce their costs. I had a MONDEO Zetec S before this with 18" alloys and never suffered a problem with them. I'll definately join in with any action if I get any problems with my car's wheels as I am very careful to try my best to avoid speed humps and the pot holes the coucil and highways agency like to fit/leave on our roads!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Navydave :)