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  1. ford fiesta M . 1995 rev problems

    Thanks for the replys i shall try them when it's out of the garage dam thing wont start now lol
  2. hi everyone my fiesta keeps reving at 2000 all the time , anyone got any ideas ? or soultions ? thanks Ben
  3. Ive just brought ford fiesta 1995 i did have another but sold it just before christmas i dont know much about cars ..... yet !....... and learning to drive at the moment with the one i just got the revs are reving a bit over what they should any ideas ? on what i can do to bring them down sorry to be thick but the following was advised on the last mot near side rear , offside rear suspension sp[ring mounting prescribed area is corroded near side offside rear inner sills suspension componet mounting corroded im having the rear suspesion done 2morrow , are these expsensive problems ? the mot is due in march it had nearside offside rear brake pipes done last year . also any tips or hits for mantaining the car would be very much appricated . as i love the 95 (m) fiestas . and to be honest dont know much about them yet thanks for reading :) Ben
  4. Hi there im looking for a ford radio that would have gone in a fiesta 1995 (m) . I recently just brought the car and they took it out !!!