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  1. Urgent Reply Needed

    How far could I have my focus wheels on offset. Basically there are some wheels with 13 offset will they fit my car ? Thanks
  2. Lowering Springs

    I tested it on a left turn and put the power out and to me it felt like the car wanted to just flip over. Like it was gripping to much and twisting but that would be the anti roll bars wouldn't it? How easy would it to upgrade to the St170 ones if this is the case? Would the car struggle with 17" wheels and 7j width with my standard powersteering pump etc... I'm sure the st170 has a different pump. "Aboyner" It should cost £150 for springs on average and a local garage with experiance could charge an hour of labour a corner of your car so maybe £200 basing it at £50 an hour. I wouldn't pay more than £300 including springs but a tuning specialist should be cheaper as they should know it better. I use Pumaspeed near me. They quote around £260 for springs and fitting.
  3. Milltek

    As requested pictures and if won the lottery then I would get everyone on here that replied a Millie ;)
  4. Lowering Springs

    Evening all, My car runs on 17" and 7j width wheels so a bit bigger than the standard 16" 6j. It handles poorly I want to lower it but what springs to get, the two I have local and in budget are Apex and Weitec. What do people rate them. They should lower the car 30-40mm. Cheers :)
  5. I have just had my milltek Exhaust fitted.... just needed to get it out of my system :D :o wow
  6. Milltek fitted today buzzing :)

  7. Focus Mk2 Badboy Style Bonnet Advice

    Yeah get them done and uploaded :D
  8. Focus Mk2 Badboy Style Bonnet Advice

    The wheels look good its about opinion I don't think I would personally buy them though. But the green strips look really good. Have your eyebrows arrived? and are you pleased with them?
  9. Passenger Footwell Flooded

    Sorry never had that problem, hows the windscreen no cracks etc? I did get water in my old focus boot though where the spare wheel was it just collected up :/
  10. Focus Mk2 Badboy Style Bonnet Advice

    Hmm are they silver n what brand?
  11. Thinking Of Buying A Capri

    My dad had three in his day I'l ask him for you but I suppose depends on engine too becuase they had a few. I've always pondered on the idea of one or even a mk2 escort.
  12. Speedo fault on Focus common fault DAMN!!

  13. Focus Mk2 Badboy Style Bonnet Advice

    Hopefully this might tickle your taste buds haha it would suit your car if what your going to do it.
  14. Focus Mk2 Badboy Style Bonnet Advice

    What do you think to the wheels that have the colour stripe around the edge? You could get them in green and black.