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  1. Cleaning Egr.

    hi mate best thing to do is start a new thread also state what engine if it the 1.8 it a easy diy job......prob a good place to start the egr but a def would get it on diagnostics
  2. Egr Blank And Dtuk Eco Tuning Box

    yes been on phone to them today I have all paperwork/instructions it just contradicts itself lol..its clockwise answer to my question!and yes one notch at a time really happy with the standard setting it comes with but might need to ajust a tad when towing.
  3. Aftermarket Alloys

    nom nom nice rims sal some cheap mudusa wheels on ebay from Volvo r design I believe... sure Renault 5 stud fit too. also the mondeo st wheels look good cheap bonus! and the zetec s mondeos look well too the split rim looking type
  4. Egr Blank And Dtuk Eco Tuning Box

    well just like too share my reports on the egr blank/dtuk eco box...on a euro 3 1.8tdci... fitted the blank a week ago,simple job did not remove anything apart from 10mm bolts on egr pipe, what a difference its made the lag/flat spot has totally gone... this for my wife was dangerous specially pulling out of junctions!before fitting the blank I cleaned out inlet best I could without removing it... using pipe cleaners and carb cleaner. before we fitted blank town driving was 37mpg on trip at first it went down to 35 but now after aprox 100 mile of town driving its 40mpg def best mod on a 1.8 tdci engine for price of a gel badge, the black smoke on load seems to have gone too.today I fitted a second hand dtuk eco tuning box of ebay for 75 pound its on standard setting ive covered 50 mile seems very good on low down power really torquey pulls well now in 3rd/4th and now reading 45mpg this was town/motorway mix. I also have a panal filter to fit try make car breath a bit better! on a side note bit confused how to change settings on box. sure it says turn adjuster anti clock for bit more power/torque?i now its a eco box but we tow so might need that bit more torque if any one can shed some light.
  5. Cleaning Egr.

    yes agreed...I took the intercooler hose of and sprayed the carb cleaner in then used a seires of pipe cleaners...then put the blank in ran it for a bit with hose back on...last of all hose back off then sprayed into inlet with engine running just too try and clear last bit.
  6. Removing Rear Bumper

    it will just have to be popped out mate easy fix once out....its set in plastic so solder iron out melt it back in clean thread up first
  7. Cleaning Egr.

    ive fitted the stainless egr blank last week on wifes focus 1.8tdci ..managed two undo the two 10mm nuts and slide blank down without removing anything else...but before I did this i cleaned the inlet/egr with carb cleaneryou wont believe how carboned up inlet was...i must say what a difference its made no dangerous flat spot throttle is more responsive.at first mpg was lower but now its back to normal def best/cheapest mod for a fiver. also I won a dtuk tuning box on ebay for 75 pound will be fitting tom along with a panal filter
  8. Bp Fuel

    we used morrisons fuel for 2 year noticed more smoke on acceleration..and a noisy engine now use bp... no smoke more poke engines very queit also now using 200ml of 2stroke oil to full tank with millers injecter cleaner every other fill up very happy with results its even made a improvement on a flat spot
  9. Focus St 250 Tangerine Scream Detailed + Dmb Badges

    beautifull...its def pristine but the carpark lighting adds a tad on effect :)
  10. Towbar Key For Focus Zetec

    post a pic of bar pls or detachable neck...as im sure brink make the bars for ford ,now called thule.. i can poss get a key any numbers near key slot?
  11. Egr Blank Fitted 1.8 Tdci 08 Plate

    let us now how you get on any links for products purchased?
  12. Bike Carrier

    i can provide full 7n electrics pack if you want to use a lighting board..for around 20 pound..to people on here.. easy diy job will even provide step by step instructions
  13. Bike Carrier

    good rack...maypole also do good ones...prefer towbar mounted one myself less likely to scratch sits well away from body
  14. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    its a link to blank i need mate
  15. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    lol epic thread ball bearing and gum gum chuckled..... anyone got a link for a 1.8tdci m2 focus egr blank?