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  1. Where Did My Thread Go?

    Thanks mate, All sorted now! And na i put it in the general chat section! Is sorted though a couple of the fuses needed switching round!
  2. Shopping For A Focus!!

    If your looking for something go for the tdci as having a remap would give off so much power gain and massively improve lower end torque whereas the 1.6 petrol won't do Bugger all the diesel is also better on fuel more equip and smoother to drive hope this helps
  3. Stereo Problem

    I've looked in the manual it says there's a cover over the fuse box under dash but it ain't there so I'm a bit stuffed "/
  4. Where Did My Thread Go?

    Oh awesome thanks lenny just realised haha it was moved to the Focus owners section Thanks buddy!
  5. Stereo Problem

    Hi Jamie it was my fault it shorted out i rewired the head unit from the new stereo because the block connecters were faulty and i completely forgot to put insulating tape around them... so when switching on bang and it shorted out Cheers Arren
  6. I wrote a thread with a problem with my stereo, lighter socket and dashboard but it seems to not be here anymore where isi t?
  7. Stereo Problem

    Yeah thats what i think but i need the fuse map to figure out which one it is! Also my lighter socket aint working either so yeahi know its the fuse haha :)
  8. Stereo Problem

    Hi guys, I've got a Ford Focus studio 2007 model and today i've had a problem... I tried fitting a new stereo using adapters from the original ford stereo plug... I fitted my new stereo and it shorted out... Now neither the new stereo or the original ford stereo will work at all... I need a fuse map to check the fuses and to see what i can do.. Also a note on this one is that when i originally had my ford stereo in the would work fine but other stereos had stopped working... i found this a bit odd? Also i have a problem where my dash takes about 10-15 seconds to load up... It has a red arrow pointing upwards and nothing will turn on for about 10-15 seconds until the dash has started...
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Azz123 :)