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  1. Quick Questions

    okay thanks, iv seen pictures of 1 for a decent price and from what i can see it looks okay, but would need to have a proper check
  2. Quick Questions

    thanks mate, the car chance to only be used for a year, just until i get myself on a good finanical foot then will be looking at a new model fiesta or focus so its mainly the mechanical side of things im looking at, not to say if it runs well i wouldnt consider giving is a respray :)
  3. Quick Questions

    looking at an 02 fiesta, my first ford :P is there anything i should look out for, from what ive heard they are good reliable cars, low with insurence and good fuel consumption. no point asking a garage as they will just be out for the sale so who better to ask then people that own the cars themselves please as much detail as possible, last car was a fiat and dont really want to go through another nightmare of breakdowns and problems left right and centre.
  4. Hi Everyon

    Hi everyone im new to the forum :D havent actually purchased the car yet but im looking at a 02 fiesta for insurence purposes few questions... are they reliable, previous car was an 02 punto (i was young and stupid) which i think i got 5 month at the most of it running with any problems. is the fuel consumption on them good, not a major issue as its only for work and back unless i fall in love with it haha thanks all ;)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums cosh1990 :)

    1. cosh1990


      hi thanks mate