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  1. Happy Birthday Millsy1!

  2. Ford Badge Overlays

    http://www.dmb.uk.com/ for all your gel overlays stickers etc for your ford :)
  3. Blown A Fuse!

    No worries. Let me know how u get on.
  4. Blown A Fuse!

    This happened to me doing the same thing. If I'm right in membering off top of my head I think it was fuse number 80. From under glove box.
  5. Car Names

    i call mine ginnie...she is tonic blue so like gin and tonic ginnie :D
  6. ah right okies im glad i found this out..as want them on all the time without switching all the time...have to see what the supplier says..i'll keep you guys posted on whats happening..as atm santa needs stuff first lol.
  7. so am i right in reading what u have said is...they dont come with sidelights. but the daytime running lights act as them...so as i dont have auto lights i have to switch my sidelights on for the daytime running lights to be working?
  8. they was the other kind of lights i was looking at. and yeah thats my car in profile photo. im sure i have found them alot cheaper then they are. was they easy to fit? and wire etc?
  9. ah right okies so i can change the bulbs that are in there to make them better/brighter...didnt know that.so at night they work really well? i was going to get myself a full set of osram cool blue as they have had a fantastic write up on guys off this forum. for a few extra quid i could upgrade to angel eyes instead of the standered ones. hmmmm lol.
  10. that link doesnt seem to be working. what are the angel eyes like at night for brightness?
  11. Hey guys. own a ford focus mk2 2005 1.6 zetec After washing my car i noticed a little bit of water was getting into my headlights and then steamed up when lights were turned on. i was wondering if anyone has brought after market headlights for there focus. i.e angel eye. daytime running light units. as thinking of changing them to something else instead of the stock units. thanks
  12. Zec S Wrc Decals Wanted

    u just looking for decal pack or u want a full vinyl wrap?
  13. fun for all the family and for a great charity. come along to like minded car owners. all in aid of children in need, bouncy castle and food on site so kids can come to! have a look guys and hopefully see you there. http://www.facebook.com/events/475438592501130/
  14. Free Car Stickers

    Give these guys a shout.. they arent free stickers but have lots to offer and very cheap to :) http://www.vinyldecalsdirect.com/
  15. New 62 Fiesta Mk7

    very nice looking motor u have there fella :) always loved the panther black fords :D