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  1. 2012 1.6 Diesel Mpg Poor

    Thanks for all your replys, think i might be expecting a bit too much. Ford should get realistic with there figures though in the brochure. Its not as though they are even close. Thanks again Regards Dave
  2. 2012 1.6 Diesel Mpg Poor

    Hi, i have recently purchased a new Focus Estate 1.6 diesel Titanium X. On a recent trip from Rochdale - Aberdeen it used 40.21 ltrs to travel 385 mile. THAT AVERAGES OUT AT 43.53 MPG. I was doing 80mph up to Glasgow and 70mph up to Aberdeen. On the trip every now and again the car would judder as though it had a miss fire or something had relieced then you would see the instant fuel economy go up. But after a while you would see the mpg come down again. Has anybody else had the same problem and know what the fault is. The car is at Ford at the moment and are saying it is fine? I had a VW golf bluemotion before and got an average of 60mpg no mater where i went, so as you can understand i am a bit disapointed. Regards David
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums davidpearson1972 :)