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  1. Happy Birthday joe_dows!

  2. Best Oil For My Ford?

    now i was going to get castrol, but this formula f stuff sounds good if its fords own? im stuck guys:/
  3. hi there all, I am looking to get my brother (he's a mechanic) to do a service and a full oil change to my car in the very near future, just want some advice on what the best oil out there is to use? willing to pay for good stuff like and also what 'part' do I need (what synetic and number) my car is a 1.6tdci zetec s, any help would be really appreciated, thanks, joe dowsett.
  4. New Tax Disc Holder

    link for a black ford tax disk holder anyone please?
  5. New Project For Mk6

    ah thats good then:D money saved eh:D
  6. Were Is Everone?

    im from cumbria but would willing to travel to wigan for a meet, seams as they seams to be a few from there only hour n half away?
  7. Police Just Stopped Me

    well while on the way home from a shift on a friday night, having to be up at 8;30 to get ready to travel to play rugby i decided to put my foot down through a spot where 'joyboys play out' i got pulled over by an unmarked police car having got out and walked over, both officers started laughing and saying, ffs its you you !Removed! I had previously had a chat with them two that night about how much i hate joyboys, anyways they said 'you better go get some beauty sleep for you big game' so theres my proof that in my eyes having good relationships with the police helps :P
  8. Fiesta Mk7 Wind Deflectors

    i have recently purchased some climair wind deflectors and im soo happy with the look, http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/34863-finally-got-some-money-for-mods/ take a look in here and let me know what you all think
  9. Front Interior Light Information Please.

    no problem. i have just purchased some led side lights myself of ebay for 4.99:D so they better be good haha
  10. New Project For Mk6

    first of all welcome:D im not too sure about the engine as thats to technical for me, but the alloys should be fine, i have some 205/40/17 zcv alloys on mine and dont rub, and as for the light bulbs again not sure but think they will.... i have just purchased 2 Canbus T10 194 168 W5W 501 5050 5 SMD LED White Car Side Light Bulbs, ebay number 290654204058 which have had v.god reviews i hope this is usefull
  11. Police Just Stopped Me

    I very rarely get stopped now, I think being a coppers son-in-law and being a head door supervisor has summit to do with this haha(get to socialise and communicate/liaise with the police while working) :D :D :P :P :D :D
  12. Front Interior Light Information Please.

    hi there, which car have you done that in cause i see in your picture you have two cars, i have a similar mk6 fiesta and interested in doing interior lighting changes to it?
  13. Finally Got Some Money For Mods

    gona get them then:D just wanted to know they fit:D
  14. Finally Got Some Money For Mods

    will take one when i have cleaned my car, did a 151 mile trip the other day so bit dirty atm, looking at buying these side bulbs, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290654204058?clk_rvr_id=368473155005&afsrc=1#ht_3122wt_1270 you think they will fit my car ok?