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  1. Yeah, I guess thats the the issue simonb65 world wide manual, just as long as I was not missing something. Understood the steering wheel to Thank you Simonb065
  2. Greetings all Long time Ford owner but new to the Edge ST (2018)... Reading the owner's manual and the online manual owner's manual on my type of 'Information display' (type 3, see screen shot) it mentions after the trip computer 1 and 2 parts (see screen shot) Fuel Ecomony a graph and Fuel History a bar chart. I cant see these in my cars information display, can anyone else? Am I missing something? (I have see graphs before in a Ford Explorer hired in the states in 2014 but that was the older cluster with Sync 2) Also, is the very bottom section of the steering wheel where the spokes join up a speaker or a microphone or something, just curious (See screen shot) Thanks for any help
  3. Hi All, how did anyone get on here (posts are old now) My satnav is showing zero satellites, pan roof, told its part number 1494225. Have removed and cleaned but nowt. Seems easy enough to fit without removing the roof panel, bit of treading of cables to the offside rear quadrant
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums memememe :)