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  1. Zetec S Red Edition 2.0 Diesel Advise

    HI, Brilliant! thank for your advise and help DRS :) I really appreciate it!
  2. Zetec S Red Edition 2.0 Diesel Advise

    Thanks for the replies guys, I did have a quick breeze through the forum search and I was going to dig around later after work but now with DRS's comment I may just go straight for that as his car is identical! all but the ST-line badge, bought mine before they announced the re-branding. 210...Christ on a bike, i wasn't expecting that much difference DRS! Just had a butchers on the site and it looks like a no brainier from what you have said, got mine July last year and just clocked 9700 miles so its well bedded in. just a couple of question for you if you don't mind... 1.Did you fit all that yourself? or take it to a center to get it all done as I see on the site it says "DIY installation" in the key features. 2.When you take the car for a service do you have to get it reverted back to its old settings? I know it will all void the ford warranty but I will be keeping this car anyway so no bother. Thanks for your advise so far! really really appreciate it.
  3. Afternoon! Jesus, not logged in here since 2013 when I sold my old 2010 Focus 1.6 Diesel (Which was a mistake I might add) I forgot how amazing and handy it is with guides and advise. As you can tell from the title I have since upgraded to a 2016 Focus Zetec S Red Edition 2.0 Diesel 147HP and I love the thing but I have a question. I assume its the same 2.0 Diesel that's in the Focus ST which produces 185HP, anyone out there know if it is possible to upgrade mine to be similar to the the ST power? I literally have zero knowledge on engine remaps or chipping engine, just what I have read from googling but I take all that information with a pinch of salt.
  4. Happy Birthday FincHy!

  5. Slow Fuelling/strange Noise

    "Tried taping the cap shut to stop" sorry for the lack on punctuation I'm on my phone.
  6. Slow Fuelling/strange Noise

    Thanks for the opinions lads, I tried taping the cap shur stop any movement just as a test and still got the rattle, just filled up re-inserted the nozzle a few times letting it lay under its own load as John suggested but still no luck :( guess ill have to see the dealer...oh the joy! Such a strange issue not a single problem in 3 years and this has to start in the last month of paying, typical ay? Haha
  7. Hello everyone! Has anyone experience an issue filling there Fords with fuel? my 2010 1.6 TDCI Focus for the last 2 months has become a ball ache to fill up with diesel! I literally have to fill at a snails pace or else the pump just clicks like its full, I've tried 5 different petrol stations of different brands and still the same issue. I also have a strange noise coming from the back right in the last month (coincidently near the fuel nozzle) when I go over bumps and pot holes I can hear something rattling. I had my 3 year service last month and reported the issues to Allen ford, they put it down to me refuelling incorrectly even though I've had no issues in 2 and a half years! and the rattling was a suspension brush which they lubricated to stop the rattle, as soon as I left the garage the rattle began again so there basically useless. Any thoughts? Regards, Finchy
  8. Fiesta Titanium Dab Radio

    Once on DAB with some random station playing just use left and right to seek a station and when you've found one you want to keep e.g 'Radio 1' hold down one of the number keys e.g '1' and the station will then be stored to that number. hope this helps :)
  9. Ford Ka Metal 2012

  10. Re Painted Bonnet Lip On Focus Mk2.5

    Cheers guys, just sets the front off and looks better all round. The chrome lip looks so tacky! Had a friend do mine who is a professional at spraying cars and buffing dents so it was easy for him to do, best £10 I've spent on the car so far :-D He's offered to do my alloys black so I'm considering that next :-)
  11. Link To Steve's Guide: http://www.fordowner...-of-bonnet-lip/ Thanks to Steve's guide on how to remove the Lip i thought id give it a go and I'm very pleased with it and recommend it to anyone with a MK2.5 Focus. Driving around like this for a few days nearly made me cry :( But its worth it in the end! :)
  12. Wait sorry, I had to read that back. you want to play music over bluetooth? As I use the ipod Usb lead that Ford sell.
  13. It does work, if your music's playing and you receive a call the bluetooth kicks in and stops the music until you answer or decline the call.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, cheers for all your advise lads :-)
  15. I notice you guys have bigger engines than my baby 1.6, hope the blue fin still makes a considerable different. The stats say an extra 21 bhp. so 131 bhp.