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  1. Focus St170 Annoying Problem With P1131 Dct

    Ok guys, I'm still having the p1131 problem. However for the past few days I have been reading up and learning how to properly use diagnostic equiptment to read live data, and have been able to rule various things out, but I am still pretty stumped as to what the problem could be, so let me run a few things by you all. The symptoms I am having are all intermittent and include, bogging down in all gears at all rpm's hesitation, severe lack of power and high fuel consumption. Along with code p1131. I am able to clear the code and it might be a few days before it comes back or it might come back in a few hours. With the diagnostic equiptment I have logged the following live data at idle: Fuel status closed loop STFT1 +36% LTFT1 +0.8% O2 b1 0.63v (fluctuates between 0.1 - 0.9v) MAF 4.3g/s (Does drop to 2.8 after a while at idle and stays there) RPM 843 Absolute throttle 18.4% The thing is the above values happen as soon as the car goes into closed loop. The stft shoots up very fast to over +30%. If I rev the car up the stft dosen't drop at all but stays still at over 30%, which I believe rules out air leaks? Now if I set off driving after about 30 seconds the stft will drop and fluctuate between -2 to +2 as does the ltft, which I believe is normal and pretty good. The o2 voltage also fluctuates betwen 0.01 - 0.09 which I believe is also normal. If I pull over and idle again everything is fine and the trims and o2 voltage stay well within normal and the car idles smoothly. If I now turn the car off for about a minute and start again the car will be in open loop and as soon as it goes into closed loop the stft shoots up over +30 again!!! Then will drop again after a little driving!! I also noticed on the scanner that I was idling in closed loop and the car went back into open loop and the trims shot back up, so I gave a little tap on the accelerator and it went back into closed loop and the trims dropped again. I have recently changed the cts, and thermostat, had the timing belt done and replaced the rocker gasket and put in new motorcraft plugs. So there you have it! It certainly has me stumped! Any ideas from you guys?
  2. Focus St170 Annoying Problem With P1131 Dct

    Thanks for the quick response. Would the above also cause a lean condition then?
  3. Focus St170 Annoying Problem With P1131 Dct

    *Update* Thanks for the advice AdeMk1. I did as you suggested but no different so today I changed the O2 sensor which has also made no difference whatsoever. I am still getting p1131 code, rough idling and hesitiation which is worse when hot. I have managed to get some live data info which I hope someone can shed some light on. At idle when cold the MAF reading is around 5.5 g/s and drops to around 3.5 - 4 when warm. short term fuel trim fluctuates between 0 and +35. however long term trim stays at 0! the pre cat sensor fluctuates between 0 and 0.2 and post cat goes upto 0.8. Is it possible for bad plugs, leads or coil pack to cause these symptoms?
  4. Hi Guys, I have a 2002 ford focus st170. It's throwing up code p1131 Lack of Upstream Heated Oxygen Sensor Indicates Lean - Bank No 1. I am getting loss of power, rough idling and poor fuel economy. After some research I cleaned the maf, plugs and checked for air leaks, but couldn't find any. The car is running slightly better but the cel came back on again with p1131. The lamda that it refers to was replaced last year then the car was stood for 11 months as i was away, so I can't see it being a bad sensor. Any ideas anyone? Andy
  5. Annoying Focus Problem

    I did speak about the problem with a mechanic and he said that it was one of those symptoms that could have many causes and it was a case of replacing things one by one till the problem is solved, which I have done myself without the costly labour charges. He wanted to start by changing the CAT at a cost of £300+.
  6. Annoying Focus Problem

    Hi folks I have a 02 Focus 2 litre Ghia with a very annoying problem. For the past 4 or so weeks when driving I can feel a very severe lag and have a lack of power. It feels like I am being pulled back when accelorating and the car kind of judders along. Also when changing gears the engine seems to over rev. When it first happened I googled the problem and it pointed towards the MAF which I changed, however this didn't cure the problem. I have since checked for air leaks, and everything is fine there. I have changed the plugs, air and fuel filters and still no difference. I have cleaned the IAC valve also to no effect. The MIL light hasn't come on ever. Yesterday I had the car MOT'd and it failed on emmisions. Something about lambda after 2nd fast idle????? The mechanic also ran a live scan of the engine, and said that the Lambda sensor itself was fine and switching as it should. He also checked for DTC's and it came up with fault code P1120, which points towards the TPS. The thing is after some further googling, I am not sure that a faulty TPS could cause the symptoms I have described above as most people with a faulty TPS seem to report erratic idling, which mine dosen't do. Another thing I have read is that a P1120 code dosen't always mean a faulty TPS and it could also be a wiring problem. My questions are, could a faulty TPS cause the above symptoms, and is there anyway I could test the TPS, wiring etc.. to narrow down the problem? If so I would appreciate it being explained in dummy terms. Any help would be much appreciated, as I have already thrown hundreds at this problem and can't really afford to buy a TPS if it dosen't cure the problem. cheers
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums kez9213 :)