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  1. Cam Belt Or Chain ?

    Hi All, and a Merry Xmas :) I've got a 1.8 TDi Mondeo Estate on a 59 plate, just done 100k miles. How do I find out if its a belt or a chain ? and if a belt, I guess its ready for a new one ?
  2. Hi, well that could be it in theory. Suppose it means being sat in the car doors locked trying one fuse at a time, shouldn't take more than a couple of days ! especially if there's another fuse box under the bonnet (one in the boot as well ?) I've tried to attach a photo of the tester but not sure if I've done it right.
  3. Thanks Guys, I will check this weekend for any obvious loose earths. I've seen a current leakage detector on ebay. The connector end is in the shape of a blade fuse. Check each fuse position one at a time to see if I could find it. For £15 it maybe a good investment ?
  4. Noticed when using the car today that my mobile phone is not connecting to the cars bluetooth. Usually connects as soon as radio is turned on. Wonder if that could be the problem? Not had chance to see in the radio menu and memory if it still remembers the phone, but the phone says that it is still paired with Ford Audio. Just another thought, if the radio is left turned on when the ignition is switched off and the car locked, (I know the radio is quieted and no lights on the dash anywhere), can it still connect to my phone ? reason being that the radio will only be about a metre from the phone nearly all of the time, allbeit that it is next to me on the settee in my lounge, the car being just outside the lounge wall on the drive !
  5. Thanks for the tip, will do
  6. Hi, mileage is 91400 and full service history, last serviced at Ford garage at 87k. Thanks
  7. Thanks for that Big D, err, where is the power save relay and how could I tell if thats the problem please ?
  8. Had this car for about 8 months with no problems, but it has been run everyday, and in warmer weather !!. Parked it up friday afternoon and didn't try to start it til today (mon 21.1.2013.) Battery had gone flat. AA Home Start checked the battery and charging system, perfect. Bu,t he detected that there was an intermittant drain of between 0.3A which would jump upto 1.1Amp, that with the ignition off and the car dead locked by the key fob. I have noticed elsewhere on the internet that people have been commenting on this problem, one who had spent a fortune on Auto Electrical Engineers but still didn't resolve the problem. I wonder if any of our members experienced this ??
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Piston Broke :)