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  1. Hey again peeps, I have 225/40/R18 tyres on my alloys. I have a (horrid) space saver in the boot. Im looking at getting rid and geting a full size spare on a steel rim, bit I don't know what size ill need? Will I need an 18inch rim with the same size tyre on? If so would this fit in my boot hole? Also I know ill loose boot space, that's fine. Anyone know where to get the new floor from. Does the old carpet still fit? Thanks all!
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    Gc88's Focus

    I'm back..
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    Gc88's Focus

    Hey guys gals, Had my focus since new, bought it in winter a while ago, first drive was home from the dealers, skidding on ice and snow the whole 10 miles! Love it, but haven't really done much too it. It's a panther black Zetec S 2009ish. (18inch wheels, privacy glass) I'll upload photo's as and when i can. So far, i have (thanks to this website): 1) Installed footwell lights (bulb sockets already present and wired so it was a really hard task) 2) Changed courtesy lights to LED's (dome front and rear, and maps at the front - they go off when they should too.) To do: 1) Install cigarette lighter in the boot (wiring all present, part ordered, just need time and balls) 2) Try to (re-re-)wrap the stereo surround in carbon wrap (first 2 attempts failed and not much patience! 3) Install extra light in the boot (problem is: do i install a standard ford one, or i have 2 x 48 LED Red strips that i could install?? Thoughts please) 4) 'Custom' climate control knobs on order from ebay 5) Sort out some LED sidelights 6) LED numberplate lights (although i've tried and tried to remove the light lens' and failed miserably. 7) Debating whether to get mk4 mist wshers - i have heated currently, but dunno if it's worth it? 8) Fit coloured (red or blue?) LED's to the footwells at the front. (currently a plain 501 bulb) Lots to do, little time. If anyone wants me to take photos of things when i *try* them let me know, if i can help i can. Thanks guys / gals gc88 B) ** UPDATE ** Photos 02/07/12
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    Headlight Bulbs

    Hey, So the LED side lights are done. Next are the main and dipped beams! I've tried scanning a few different threads but thought i'll start a new post anyway! Dipped beams - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MTEC-H7-12v-55w-Cosmos-Blue-HID-class-xenon-gas-bulbs-/220783562251?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3367b9ce0b or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MTEC-H7-55w-SUPER-WHITE-HID-XENON-CLASS-UPGRADE-BULBS-/220818953619?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3369d5d593 Don't really see a difference apart from colour? I presume both are 'plug and play' and will give better visibility at night than the standard yellow bulbs? Both legal as 55w? Main/Full Beams - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MTEC-H1-12v-55w-Cosmos-Blue-HID-class-xenon-gas-bulbs-/370393401983?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item563d2aca7f Is this right? H7 for dipped, H1 for mains? Both pictures for the pacakages on the two blue ones are the same, implying exactily the same bulb! Can someone help me?! Thanks (oh and how dangerous is Ebay on the bank account!)
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    Gc88's Focus

    Fair enough Lenny! K&n e-2993 filter arrived and fitted!
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    Gc88's Focus

    Sounds like you know your stuff... How easy is it and what bit do I remove? Is it there to aid filtration of big objects or anything?
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    Gc88's Focus

    Now I'm interested. What is this slam panel and what does it do? Oh, and dpf?
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    RIP - Tdcist's Focus Zetec S Tdci

    It looks nice but.... ...way to clean.
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    Gc88's Focus

    I won't be going that far myself. Not yet anyway!
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    Gc88's Focus

    Eagerly awaiting the k&n!
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    Gc88's Focus

    My car is.covered in so many car park Dinks. Eugh. New air filter was ment to come today, but never showed up! Yodel!! I'm debating drilling a few holes in my air box, but its a funny shape with the filter being round...!
  12. I think ill Give it a go. But by design(its a round one) I can't drill in the wing wide as that's where the sealed end of the filter is. I'll have to drill the front, ie behind the head lights. I'm worried as to what hole size and how many. I'm thinking 3 or 4 1inch holes?
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    Drilled Airbox's..

    I wouldn't mind the noise...but i dont want to screw up my airbox for good! Anyone know how to remove the lower half of the air box? 2.0 petrol 59 reg ford - it has a round filter not flat panel. I've looked online but can't find any filter boxes on eBay or anywhere. Where sells them?!
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    Drilled Airbox's..

    Has anyone drilled their airbox on their focus? I've seen it done loads on other forums, but not on fords! I don't see any performance gains...only a bit more of a chav noise!
  15. I know o asked else where, but this is related to this also. Anyone with a petrol engine got views on ifthis changes your engine sound? Anyone combined this witg drilling your airbox too?
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    How Winter Prepared Are You?

    I have: folding spade, sleeping bag, clothes, torch, grit, tool kit, cable ties, tow ropes, drinks, food, gloves, de icer and all that, old jeans, snow ramp thngs for grip, umbrella, cards, another torch and a 4ton hand winch. My commute is about 10 miles of duel carraigeway. My fuel economy is pants and I have no boot space.....but..... I'm making a point to the misses. She wont let me buy a 4x4 so I say I need all this so I can't fit her shopping in the boot.
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    My Minor Mods To Date

    You smarty pants, you! looks gooood!
  18. Good work! Looks relatively straight forward! Do the insurance company charge any more, or does it not need to be updated?
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    Gc88's Focus

    typically, my battery in my key is now low, so my car tells me. here, have a new key battery for your birthday too.
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    Gc88's Focus

    WOOOP Been a while! I just wished my car a happy 3rd birthday by getting it a MOT certificate, thankfully no faults. It had an advisory that brake pads are getting a bit thin.. but i'll deal with that post christmas! I'm looking at doing the easy bits of the service myself, so if anyone's interested i'll let you know how it goes! Also, if anyone had done it and has hints / tips.. :)
  21. Hi Mate, how did this go? all ok i hope! do you remember how much it cost you, and is it easy?!
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    My Focus Zetec S...

    FIT. Out cars should mate.
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    Recommended 12V Wiring

    How about one of these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TANK-Combat-Dozer-FV180-Combat-Engineer-Tractor-Rolls-Royce-Engine-/180878613433?pt=UK_Commercial_Trucks&hash=item2a1d349bb9 granted it won't stop it getting nicked, but imagine their face when you track them down..
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    Photo Location Game

    I imagine so! Make it an easy one again..!