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  1. First post... Hey folks. Just replaced my dead Focus with a fairly old 155 Ghia X estate, and getting to know the car... First thing that's got to change is the tyres, it was a family car/shopping car before and so it has 2 pairs of finest cheapo tyres, and they're really not up to much. I wasn't planning on spending any money on the car til I've shaken it down properly and decided if it'll go the distance, but they're really ruining the drive. So, for the moment I'm changing the fronts, and I'll put the better pair of the two existing ones to the rear So, big question... What's less poor, an Autogrip F107s, or a Zeta ZTR10? The Autogrips have more tread so they're the default option but reviews of either are thin on the ground unsurprisingly, just wondered if anyone has any experience of these. Ideally hoping for one of those posts that goes "Actually you'd think they'd be useless but <tyre X> is surprisingly good ;) Cheers! TNW
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Northwind :)