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  1. Upgrade To An St?

    Well my car is worth 10k do I could easily get a cheaper ST.
  2. Upgrade To An St?

    Ever since I first ever saw the orange ford focus advert years ago it has been my dream car. I currently have a 1.6 TDCi focus zetec s which is worth around £10000. I have recently found an orange ST in perfect condition. It is an 07 plate and has done only 12000 miles and has had one owner since new. It is for sale for around £8000. It is an ST-3 so has xenon lights, full leather recaro heated seats ect... I have no need to keep my 5 door car at the moment and a 3 door will suffice. It will also be nice to have the £2000 difference to go towards running the car over the next few years I'm tearing my hair out whether to go with head or heart. I would love to have that car outside my house. Anyone else gone from a more standard model to a sporty model such as an ST? Thankyou for your time Paul
  3. Your Focus

    Those LEDs look quality. I think that's my next project.....
  4. Paddy's Zetec S

    I think mod was the wrong word lol. I see it more tinkering and improving
  5. I called my insurance company and asked if it invalidated my policy and they said no. They said that garages say it to make more money. I dropped about 5 letters and saved about £70 for 2
  6. Zetec S ...... Petrol Vs Diesel

    I have a 1.6 TDCI 115BHP and it is very quick and I can also get 60mpg when really trying!
  7. Xenon Headlights

    I remember phoning Haynes once to see just how much they would charge to get 2 new xenon front units fitted just like the ST's and the guy said it would be £1500. I knew its be a lot but !Removed! hell lol!
  8. Paddy's Zetec S

    Every time I read this thread I feel compelled to start modding my car lol
  9. Black Smoke On Accelrating

    I thought if you pushed a car over 3 or 4K and was accelerating very quickly then this would normally happen.
  10. My Focus Zetec S...

    Spoiler is standard. The whole cluster has been replaced.
  11. My Focus Zetec S...

    What about getting LED rear clusters? Mine before: Mine after:
  12. Custom Badges On Ebay

    I changed my rear lights clusters for the LED ones that were standard on the newer ST and RS. I think they make such a huge difference to the look of the car. I took a few more photos so you can see below:
  13. 2012 1.6 Diesel Mpg Poor

    I disagree, it depends how quickly you get to 2k and change that matters. My car is very quick even when changing at 2k it still goes very fast. It seems to have a hell of a lot of power which really helps its too.
  14. 2012 1.6 Diesel Mpg Poor

    Well the dash indicates when is best to change up and it is around 2K for every gear. But I do like to get more from in quite frequently ;)