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  1. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    Hi, i have joined this forum to help others about this issue, i have had the same issue with my 60 plate Zetec Fiesta, i did not know there was an issue until there was a smell in the car like " Cat Pee" i eventually found where the smell was coming from, the drivers side footwell carpet. The weird thing is the carpet was bone dry on the top, when i looked at the chassis number i could see the floor was wet and the smell was a lot stronger. When the carpet was lifted up, the soundproofing was saturated a lot of water near the pillar on the right hand side. i went back to the main dealer who was not very helpful saying it was probably coming from the pollen filter as it had been serviced, but not with them, but a reputable garage at a fraction of the cost, they said the filter housing had been disturbed, Over a few days i managed to dry it out using newspaper, then it rained hard and it was soaked again. i went back to the main dealer who advised me to go to their bodyshop but advised me if a seam had a leak, they were only covered for the first 12 months, what a joke! So i armed myself with some info that i had printed from 4 seperate websites including these from FOC, clearly proving there is an issue with water leaks on the fiesta, if you push hard on the carpet behind the drivers seat i had a small puddle of water coming through. The guy who checked my car told me exactly what the issue was, open up the bonnet, and check where the hinge area is on the drivers side, look to the left and there is a small seam that is not filled up correctly, the water runs into that, fills the pillar with water flooding your car with water. When i pointed out that i had evidence to prove their is a fault, they agreed to sort it out, free of charge. This proves to me they know its a fault with the fiesta, as i have read other owners had issues with various leaks. I have a photo of the problem area which i can attach when i set up a Photobucket account. I know this is longwinded but i am hoping this will help others, i think it is disgusting that when you buy a brand new car leaks are only covered for the first 12 months, i wonder how many people pay main dealers to put this fault right? Print this thread off and take it as evidence, the main dealer should accept it is fault with production, if not give Ford Customer relations a call on 0845 841 1111, i have heard they are very good contacting main dealers who are not helpful, always worth a mention to the dealer when talking about this issue, Hope this helps, thanks for the other members who had already added info on this issue, it really helped me out. B-)
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Happydaze :)

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      Thanks for the welcome, i have some valid up to date info for other members who may have had the same fault as i have had on 60 plate fiesta, saturated carpet in drivers side footwell, i would like to include a picture of the fault area which has led to the leak. What is the best way of supplying this info? Start a new topic or add it to an existing one?