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  1. Radio Phone Pairing

    Hi Mark, thanks for that idea but I have tried that first (should have mentioned) but no joy, my son successfully paired his iPhone but again the radio will not alert of incoming phone call-hands free for some strange reason stopped working. Not sure what else to do as it works fine as radio/cd player-confused.
  2. Radio Phone Pairing

    Hi, can anyone help with my 2013 transit connect radio, I is paired with an android phone, this worked fine on hands free for over 12 months but last month it stopped working (hand free) It says on phone that it is paired up but am at a loss what to do to sort it, Regards
  3. Hi Lenny, it's been a while but had a look at your Focus project and it looks really good what you have done. regards martin
  4. Focus Mk1

    Hi Goodkat, Thanks for the thoughts, I remember from my youth, getting cuts when installing door speakers! Regards
  5. Focus Mk1

    Hi , its been a while since I posted but I need some advice on issues with my Sons old focus, its a 52 plate zetec 1.6 petrol. He has moved on to a Skoda fabia mk1 vrs my daughter is about to start learning to drive with the focus, now the drivers window has stopped working and the central locking is not working on offside back door. Also the interior fan makes a random terrific loud fluttering screetching noise. Anyone any ideas on solving these issues. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Finding A Neutral

    Hi James , possibly, but I would not have asked for further help just for the sake of repeating myself. So can you not give me the answer, and by the way the radio type I have does not require :keys: it requires 4 torx screws to be undone. Thanks
  7. Finding A Neutral

    Hi, can anyone help me with finding a neutral wire (in my connect van) to connect into for a reversing camera, I have been given a detailed diagram from Stoney of my 6000cd radio rear plug but not sure which wire might be the neutral, or do I need to tap into the fuse box? Or should i seek an auto electrician to sort. Cheers
  8. Radio

    Thanks for the info again Clive. Ordered a Bojo tool. Martin
  9. Radio

    Hi James and Clive, thanks for your thoughts, I cant see where you put the release keys so not sure about that, think this radio type is screw fixed but not sure, and don't want to mark the dash trying to remove it. Here is a pic. Thanks Martin
  10. Radio

    Hi, can anyone advise how I can remove the Ford 6000 cd radio from the dash of a 2013 transit connect mk 1 as I need access to the wires to connect a reversing camera. Thanks Martin
  11. Radio Live Wire Connection For Camera

    Thats spot on Clive Thanks
  12. Radio Live Wire Connection For Camera

    Hi Clive, thanks for the info- am I correct in assuming this is to be found at the rear of the radio rather than the main fuse box? Thanks
  13. Hi fellow members, Merry Christmas I know that this is not stricly the correct place to post about my new Transit Connect van (pics in transit section) but I thought more of you might see the post. Anyhow I have bought a reversing camera and I plan to have it constantly on when the ignition is live. There are reccomendations to connect the live wire to power everything from the radio, now what I need to know is if anyone can tell me which wire to connect to so that when the ignition is off so is the camera and monitor, I have noticed that the date and time constantly show on the radio ,so is it possible to do what I am asking about. How do I remove the radio from the dash to get to the wires. The radio is a 6000 cd model. Thanks Martin.
  14. Out With The Old In With The Old

    Hope this works, pic of new van
  15. Well, been and done it, that is I have left my college lecturing/assessing job of ten years and come back into the reality of working for myself again, I have 27 years experience of house building, repairs etc. The main reason is that I have just bought myself a demonstrator Transit Connect swb Trend in shiny silver 90 hp. Looked at other makes but the Connect drove and handled the best, apeared stronger built and had enough sensible work gadgets to sway me. Will post some pics when I can sort my phone, Cheers