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  1. MikeLangwine

    New Fiesta

    anyone looked at the difference of the mk7 and the new fiesta? just wondering if the bumper would fit from the new one onto the mk7 version as a couple of people have asked...
  2. MikeLangwine

    Cd Screen

    hey, i was going to do that later on.. but as soon as i plug the larger screen into the cd player it wont function
  3. MikeLangwine

    Cd Screen

    Hi, after a couple of weeks i have received all of the parts to change my cd player to the one with the phone... however it doesn't work with my car. I have all of the cd player, the buttons, the part where the cd enters with apparently the software on and the new larger scree. does anybody know why it doesn't work?
  4. MikeLangwine

    Cd Player

    Hi looking at buying the new cd drive which will hopefully work? As the CD player won't work with the larger screen? My old one has 2 plugs at the back of the drive.. Is there anyway I could change the software to update it or not?
  5. MikeLangwine

    Cd Player

    i have the basic fiesta so that could be why ?
  6. MikeLangwine

    Cd Player

    i have bought the larger screen for my basic cd player which didn't work, so had to take it back so hopefully this will be the reason it didn't work...
  7. MikeLangwine

    Cd Player

    no i didn't :( ill have a look on ebay and see if i cna get one then will try it! Thanks again!
  8. MikeLangwine

    Cd Player

    hi guys, so today arrived my new cd player (the 9 button) i am swapping this from the basic 6 button but however when swapping it wont work in the car does anybody know why? i have also bought the larger screen and it still does not work, the lock and hazard button works but the cd player does even light up.
  9. MikeLangwine

    Fiesta Head Unit

    would the unit work on its own as a radio/cd/aux? + is it a lot of messing about to to upgrade to bluetooth
  10. MikeLangwine

    Getting Plastics Resprayed - *edit: Did It!*

    Anybody know where i could get all the interior silvers from! im stuck with the horrible basic grey which needs updating
  11. MikeLangwine

    Dashboard Lights

    worked great! Thanks!!
  12. MikeLangwine

    Fiesta Head Unit

    hi, no i have have fixed that now thanks to the club! just looking for an upgrade as i have the basic screen which wont work with my current control unit.
  13. MikeLangwine

    Fiesta Head Unit

    hey, i was just wondering if the fiesta mk8 radio control unit with the phone part would work on a fiesta style + , as i know the phone part wont but just the radio in general Thanks,
  14. MikeLangwine

    Dashboard Lights

    hi, just wondering how to fix this problem or if anybody has had the same problem. The lock and warning triangle button does not light up anymore on the dash, i have a 2009 fiesta where all the buttons are attached... do i have to get a new bulb for the switch or do i have to get a new control unit including radio controls.
  15. MikeLangwine

    2009 Interior

    all of the interior glossy silver, Cd fascia heater fascia rectangle in-between 3 door silver grab handles steering wheel silver part 2 circle air vent silver