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  1. Fiesta Mk 7 With Puddle Lights In Door Mirrors

    *like* Much of a pain to do?
  2. Bluefin Fiesta Tdci 95Ps

    Have you blanked the EGR?
  3. Bluefin Fiesta Tdci 95Ps

    Improved a little below 2k but it's still a diesel. If you give it some beans off the line you notice a difference as there's more power for longer.
  4. Bluefin Fiesta Tdci 95Ps

    Bluefin now installed and has made a noticeable difference above 2k and right up to 4.5k. The loud button does not need pushing as far so fuel economy should be increased. Off the line is much improved too. Worth a punt if you're thinking about one.
  5. Bluefin Fiesta Tdci 95Ps

    No, the 95 uncrackable version.
  6. Bluefin Fiesta Tdci 95Ps

    Got mine yesterday but it didn't connect to the car. Have been told the firmware for the 95 was only release 3 weeks ago so I have an old unit. I need to send it to superchips at my cost or return to supplier (who only have old stock left). Grr
  7. Bluefin Fiesta Tdci 95Ps

    Work have started doing these (tdci 95), I can get one cost. Anyone got one, worth a punt?
  8. Fiesta Mk 7 With Puddle Lights In Door Mirrors

    Duh! Does yours already have powerfolds?
  9. Fiesta Mk 7 With Puddle Lights In Door Mirrors

    You'll have to let us know if it's plug and play, any loom issues or needing ECU magic applying.
  10. Fiesta 2010 Tdci, Superchips??

    Did you get the fiesta superchipped? Looking to do mine and need some feedback.
  11. My Mk7 Fiesta Titanium Diary

    Leather !Removed!, I need red stitching on mine!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums baileydog :)