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  1. ace666

    Leak in my boot,

    Hello I have a mk2 , With all the bad weather we are having I have spring a leak. No surprise their but I think I have found the place it's coming in and thought I would share just in case it's of use. So the leak I have found is in a seam . The seem is on the right hand side of the boot if I look at the luggage light there's a hole and if you look through the hole there's a seam under what would be the lower screw fixing for the rear light cluster, so on my dinner today I plan on sealing it with sealant also I'm going to put sealant around both screw fixings for the rear light cluster. Hope this kind of makes sense. Regards Adam
  2. ace666

    Pollen filter

    Well that was a nightmare of a job! Just done it took 45 mins reasembley was a pain as my glove box has an air vent in it. when i can to drive the car to work the dash showed up an engine system fault, so back over to the fuse box and push every connector block one creaks and the engine system fault disappears(I hope, never have I had a car that was like a woman)
  3. ace666

    Pollen filter

    Thank you for all your responses. Regards Adam
  4. ace666

    Pollen filter

    I have a 56 plate focus and its in need of the cabin filter changing but I'm not sure on which one can some one point me in the correct direction its a 2ltr tdci if that makes any difference. Kind regards Adam
  5. Can some one tell me how to find out what pcm type I have. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. this tells you how to get into the car if your battery in the fob is dead. Regards Adam
  7. ace666

    Focus 1.4 mk2 This is the first place I would start its on the drivers side near the rear jacking point. Regards Adam
  8. ace666

    Focus 1.4 mk2

    Have you changed the fuel filter. If it was me I would look at that as you have done the other main common easy fixes.After that I would change the o2 sensors and look at the MAF sensor in as much as find a known good unit and try that . I could be completely wrong in this but with it not having a turbo would it not have an EGR valve? Any how hope you get it sorted Regards Adam
  9. ace666

    dpf clean

    Interesting read. But I guess most will have to be soaked overnight at additional charge on the "Deep Clean" option.
  10. ace666

    Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Have you checked the that the battery is still good.
  11. ace666

    Fuel Flap 56 plate

    Hello, When I got my car around 18 months ago the central locking was all good and the fuel flap locked as it should. Then one day it stayed locked when the car was unlocked and as you can imagine thats a bit awkward so I removed the locking mech for the flap and replaced with another unit that still refused to work as normal. So out that one came and I left it at that. Is their a fuse thats for the flap I should be looking for as the rest of the central locking system works as it should. Any help would be great. Regards Adam
  12. ace666

    12v front lighter socket problem

    The other thing it could be is their is a contact at the bottom of the socket that could have been bent backwards as to no longer complete the circuit so take the fuse out and bend it forward that could sort your problem but for the sake of the cost I just replaced it with a new unit.
  13. ace666

    12v front lighter socket problem

    When I bought my mk2 the 12v socket did not work although the fuse was good. Changed the unit and all is good.
  14. ace666

    Engine Malfunction

    I have a 2ltr tdci so take from this what you will. I had an engine system malfunction come up on my dash, scanned it with forscan and it said that the dpf additive tank was empty. So I ordered the fluid and refiled the tank. Then reset the module once again with forscan. Then I performed a static dpf regen with you guessed it forscan ( but if you go down the static regen make sure your engine is it temperature) Then lastly I reset the egr learned values with the forscan software (As you can tell I use forscan alot its awesome ) Hope this is some help regards Adam
  15. So I have gone back to the car and the test mode is off so all is good on that front. I regards to the CC buttons they all work , looks like this weekend im going to be on the hunt to get it all activated / re activated.