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  1. Happy Birthday AJ_sXe!

  2. Im game boss so yes it does! Your request now ;)
  3. It's baby seats you are asking about right?
  4. Louder than the old one? Can you video/record it?
  5. I bought one also, is it as easy as swapping the cables over?
  6. Cool! I had 1.8l Toyota Corona while I lived in NZ and was convinced it would die a death every-time we towed something, but it was a quick and nimble as ever!
  7. Good guide! Makes me want to do it! This along with Tunnel Rat's headlining strips :-)
  8. Could you possibly snap a close-up/closer picture please? ^_^
  9. The number plate holder one looks AWESOME, pity I stuck my rear plate down :(
  10. Hi guys, I just bought a fitted one of those 7" All In One units (Thanks so Much Ken!! and I'm looking for a pretty good quality reversing camera to attach to it, anyone got any recommendations? Links would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Most of the switches get a new SMD LED soldered in place. There a few people on Ebay who sell them pre-done as well as can do it if you supply the switch.
  12. I was told by my rally driving boss that stacking tyres on the walls will damage them, we have his spares at work and they are upright by his decree.