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  1. Keyed again

    People around where I live, have started to break into cars and letting the handbrakes off.... Not to steel anything but thisust be funny..... Lucky for me I do have CCTV running 24/7 ..... Spend a little and get a actual system, then if it happens again, forbid it doesn't but you won't regretting fitting it..... If u fitted a dummy you would end up king cking yourself... This come from experience lol
  2. 2002 diesel stating issues

    Would this not be injector? Did u replace the o ring on the top of the canister when doing the filter? Is the seal sitting right under the cap?
  3. Aux Belt Change Advice Please...

    Exactly what happened. Found out a bolt.... Screwed it in.... It stated to slacken off but not enough to remove the belt.... 1/4 more turn the bugger cracked..... So down to euro and picked up for 50 quid... The rollers on the new one no where near as loose as the old... Fitted... new belt... job done... Keeps new bolt in a labeled bag with service history.. Thanks
  4. Aux Belt Change Advice Please...

    engine 1.8tdci. year 2008
  5. Focus 1.8 tdci choking

    blank of the egr valve. give it a full service, upgrade the air filter. use premium oil and filter. change your fuel filter, chuck in a can of bg 244. and run on shell.... remember the engine will run hotter now the egr valve has been blanked. so more frequently change the oil and filter. i do mine twice a year, with fuel filter once a year... and clean my upgraded filter..... and if you wish spray a can of turbo cleaner up the air flow pipe behind the afm.... and always give the diesel a hard thrash....
  6. Replace air filter & options.

    oem filters to restrictive... go up grade. you wont notice any difference, but your engine will breathe better. oem are like 25-30 quid... green or k and n are like 39 quid. worth investment....
  7. Mk2 rear break noise

    metal on metal? bearing poss a whining noise???
  8. best oil

    here hope this helps http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-2354-lookup-results.aspx?vehicleid=27823&variantlist=128349:0,128344:0,128378:0,139742:0,168750:0,171314:0&yearFilter=2014
  9. Aux Belt Change Advice Please...

    been along time............. does anybody have any further info as mine needs changing.... i have the belt..... dayco is the make and purchased from euro.... to fit focus tdci with air con........ also i may need a new pas steering pump as i have had a notification on the dash saying steering failure
  10. Why So I Bother Day!

    can I ask james what has been involved in your day?
  11. Why So I Bother Day!

    lol I do most things at work for everybody. im one of 2 who rushes to get our work done, so we can pick up other work from the slackers..... but when they ask me do somat for them and im busy, just cause I don't do it at the drop of a hat im instantly bone idle. when you say somat to management they just reply don't expect others to work how you do... everybody is different. yeah you pay then a weeks graft for turning up and doing as little as possible.....
  12. Engine Swap

    don't forget to mention he had to cut a hole in the floor for the 2nd clutch pedal.... lmao
  13. Knocking From Front Offside

    do shocks and springs also ya ball joint in pairs
  14. My Fiesta Zetec Current Build

    orange would have been a colour go for also maybe? looking very nice there. a good transformation... congrats
  15. Help 1.8Tdci Egr Valve

    good mod then for the pence it cost? you happy with what the out come is?