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  1. Ford Owners Meet Ups In The South West.

    hey am def looking to meet up with like minded ford owners. as ive said on previous posts tho im not exactly whats termed as a boy racer!
  2. Police Just Stopped Me

    completely agree!! been stopped twice in two weeks since getting the S1600. didnt bother me on both occasions as after all my details checked out both officers had a little chat about the car. was nice to see and on both occasions the way they spoke to me was very good. cant fault them where i live. they have alot of boy racers to deal with driving like idiots!!!
  3. Black Wheels

    id say move house more often lol. that looks sweet on those rims and sitting lower!!
  4. Ken Block's Ford Fiesta

    love this video! that bloke can seriously drive. 3 millions views already in a day!!!
  5. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    nice motor mate. love it...
  6. Mpg

    im driving an s1600 and if i drive conservatively i can get 48mpg. normal roads im getting 40mpg and then motorways at speed it drops to 37-38mpg
  7. New To Meets Etc

    think im gonna stick to larger more formal meets for now. first one is ford fair. then theres one on wsm beach at end of august. think both of those will be more to my taste.....
  8. Window Tints Mk7

    mine is white with white alloys and blue stripes. interior is dark grey leather.
  9. New To Meets Etc

    think i wet myself reading these comments. are you guys reading my mind?? have decided on fordfair at silverstone and then just realised there is a fordsport meeting on weston seafront at the end of august so will be heading down to look at the sexy cars.
  10. Fordsport South West Regional Day 2012

    ill be there!!! would have been my first meet attendance but just realised fordfair is on the 12th and ill hopefully be heading there!!!
  11. Window Tints Mk7

    mine has nothing on it at all at the min. completely clear back and front.
  12. Window Tints Mk7

    cheers for those pics. those tints look good. is that the ford privacy glass at the back or tints?
  13. Window Tints Mk7

    theres a company called gorrila tintz just down the road from me. gonna get them to quote me on my day off this week
  14. hey guys. feel like im putting some really stupid posts up atm but hey you dont ask you never know. Ive never been to a meet before and the meets ive seen on another forum sometimes look like what i will see in the carpark at my work and the people there have already been hostile towards me for the car ive bought. What kinda meets do you guys suggest me going to. im not what people deem to be a "boy racer" im 29 and just like looking at nice cars etc.
  15. Window Tints Mk7

    was thinking more just the rears. dont wanna go too dark tho as dont want it to look like a van