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  1. Ka headlight bulb changing

    Headlight bulb: H7 12v 55w Tools needed/used: Jack, axil stand, small adjustable spanner, star head driver (for wheel arch cover bolts) and torch. Time: Half hour to 45 minutes Had this job over the weekend on the girlfriends KA (drivers side). It was far to fiddly for me trying to change it from under the bonnet despite my smallish man hands. I ended up jacking the car up on the drivers side, removed the wheel, put an axil stand in place (never work off a jack!), and removed the wheel arch lining (about half a dozen star head bolts and a regular bolt). This gave easy access to the back cover that houses the front lamps. As you look straigt on, the top lamp is the headlight, bottom light is main beam, and the light to the side...well that's the side light. Anyways, looking at the back cover, was a case of flipping downwards the metal clip that holds the cover in place, then removing the cover fully. Just pull out the black, plastic connector to the bulb. Flip downwards the clip that holds the bulb in place (before doing so, note exactly how the clip sits when holding the bulb in position, will help when you have to put the clip back again) Remove bulb Insert new bulb (note there's a tab on top of the bulbs metal base that sits in a slot in the bulb housing) making sure it's sitting flush in place. Avoid touching glass of bulb with fingers if you can. Flip upwards the clip that holds the bulb in place Push black plastic connector into back of new bulb (might want to test the light works before boxing up). Replace black plastic cover by slotting downwards and pushing foward so as the seal is flush all the way around the cover. Flip upwards the metal clip that holds the plastic cover in place. Now screw wheel arch lining back on and put wheel back on the car as you would if you had a flat tyre. Finished! This may seem like I made a meal of it, but is better than the £50 odd being quoted otherwise for a garage to do. Halfords weren't interested either btw.