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  1. Ford Fair 2012 Picture & Video Topic

    Good day boys enjoyed it alot, the sunburn not so much!
  2. Ford Fair Times

    Cheers James that's what I was trying to say haha. That's why your the brains and im the brawn lol. Nath your defo a traitor ;)! This might sound a little cheeky any chance of getting a Foc sticker of anyone for Sunday?
  3. Ford Fair Times

    Hello guys. Anyone on the FOC stand wanna meet up with me and james before hand so we can go together. If not what time are people planning on arriving at silverstone as were only about 15 minutes away :D haha. Oh hi btw im james' plus one
  4. Hello Everyone, I been told to join this wesite by a friend so i thought why not. I Currently own a Fiesta ST (facelift). If theres anything going on in the Northamptonshire area give me a shout and ill be well up for it. Cheers Kenny
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Kenny-ST :)