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  1. Have a brand new C-Max but without spacesaver. Asked dealership to get one for me. Was told better to buy locally sourced as it would be cheaper. Asked what size trye and wheel I required ( My normal tyres are 235 x 40 x 16, was told by dealership service dept it was a 14" wheel - the only size they do!!!. Spoke to sales team and asked them to get me size details. Eventually came back with T125 x 80 x R16. Asked them to order one. Waited and waited. Eventually found out tyres are on "back-order" from Continental. Tried various sources without any luck. emailed Continental for more info and they came back and said tyre size I had been given may be incorrect as the rolling circumference was small. They said it should be T135 x 90 x R16. On this basis I was confused and decided to contact Ford Technical Services by email. Waited over a week and still no reply. Decided to contact them via Customer Relations Department! Was told, despite spending in excess of £25.5K, I needed to phone them directly on a premium phone line. They would not transfer my call but said they would ask if the size of T125 x 80 x R16 was correct, Came back and said it was . I was unsure so asked for written confirmation. I was only given a case ref. no. Decided that this must be correct and although not happy with waiting times was willing to wait. 1 hour after speaking to CRD, I had an email reply from Ford Technical Information Services which listed the sizes of all tryes suitable for my C-Max (5 in total) All were a different size from that indicated by both the dealership and my verbal comunication with Customer relations!! This confused me even more and I decided to ring Customer relations again and ask to speak to technical services. They again refused to connect me to technicakl services. In attempting to escalate the issue I was again told they would not carry out my request. There were numerous attempts to block my attempts to escalate the issue and eventually I agreed to have a call from a manager (Jo Rawley) next day (today). I was confronted with the same "can't do - won't do" attitude as yesterday despite explaining that there was a potential safety risk as well as the chance of prosecution if using incorrect tyres/wheels on singular axles. Still no compassion or concern despite Ford being happy to accept the my money to purchase their goods and still not supply the appropriate technical or customer relations support. Any similar experiences? Wall
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Wall :)