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  1. Leaving Again.

    Thanks, I'll still be around though. Not to bad price wise as a year old with 10k on clock, about price of a new decent spec focus.
  2. Leaving Again.

    Having returned to Ford ownership late last year with a 14 plate Focus Estate, I am leaving the fold again, although I will be still hanging around on here. Impending change of job means I don't need such a big car. So went for something a little different. It's a Mercedes A180 CDI Sport No doubt with my record of buying / selling cars I will be back in a Ford one day.
  3. Tyre Pressure

    Definetly should have sticker on inside of drivers door.
  4. Under Engine Cover - Focus Mk2.5

    From memory it was fairly easy to take off when I had a mk2.5, pretty sure it's just a few torx screws holding it in place. If you have trolley jack and axle stands youll be fine. Be aware thought its a messy job!
  5. Undecided On Which Car

    Just check for dings/dents to bodywork or scrapes on wheels. With those miles on it, check for stone chips to bonnet/screen as it's likely to have done lots of motorway mileage. If the dealer has done their job right you shouldn't find any problems. Diesels do need a good run regularly to keep them in good nick, as they take a while to warm up.
  6. Undecided On Which Car

    Service intervals 12.5k. I've had ex hire car before, no problems with it. Just check condition, but thats like with any car really.
  7. Undecided On Which Car

    The 1.6 petrol is gutless, even in 125bhp guise. I had an 11 plate one, felt like you had to thrash it all time to get it to move. 37k on a 13 plate car definitely seems high, if you go for the that own check servies have been done at right intervals, also ask who was previous owner. Could be ex hire car, if so check condition carefully, they aren't all bad some are obviously abused.
  8. Focus Zetec S Questions (2009-2010)

    I used to a 50 mile round trip to work mainly on Motorways in my 1.8 petrol, with some town mileage through day. Got 32-34 mpg out of the car normally. The engine was nice and had some grunt but much thirstier than anything I've had since. Also had a 11 plate 1.6 petrol that did about 40mpg but had a 5 speed box and was gutless. My current mk3 1.6 diesel does mid 50's no problem, can get into 60's if I try.
  9. Focus Zetec S Questions (2009-2010)

    I concur the 1.8 petrol is a thirsty engine, my old 58 plate estate did early 30's at best doing mixed mileage.
  10. Horrible Rattle??

    What engine is in your car?
  11. Hi From Sunny Lincoln

    Hi welcome, a 1.6 diesel in Zetec spec is a good choice of car and will serve you well. Shop around for a good deal and try to avoid ex aa driving school cars.
  12. Advice Please?

    I've had 2 mk3's now one was a 1.6 petrol and as it was 5 speed felt gutless, mine now is 1.6 diesel 6 speed and drives great. For your budget you should be able to run to a car a couple of years old in a 1.6 diesel with 20k ish on clock. Petrols are cheaper but for your mileage diesel would be better suited. Zetec spec gets you your air con, blue tooth, heated screen etc and is a good solid choice of spec. Titaniums carry a premium but have more features. I've tended to buy Zetecs with factory fitted options such as bigger alloys/tinted windows on them as they come In cheaper than titaniums still. Look at for ex aa driving school cars though and abused ex hire cars. Low mileage newish ex hire cars are usually ok.
  13. Returning Ford Focus Owner

    Picked up car yesterday, despite being slower than my old car really happy to back in a Ford as I feel at home.
  14. Returning Ford Focus Owner

    After 18 months away in Volvo land, I am returning to Ford Ownership this weekend. I needed a bigger car and the servicing costs & depreciation were not good on my v40. So I have purchased my 6th Ford which is a 8mth old Focus Estate with 10k on clock. It's a 1.6 Diesel Zetec Navigator. Car has appearance pack fitted, door guards and rear parking sensors. It's in Deep Impact Blue, which was my 1st choice of colour as i think it's a lovely colour. I will upload pictures when I get the car.
  15. Goodbye Ford Focus

    Pictures of new car, been a bit busy to upload them before now. Done 1300 miles in 3 weeks, loving the car it is very refined to drive, economical 46+ mpg but the power is the best bit it is immense. The torque of the engine is great, it just keeps pulling all the time.