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  1. Cam Belt Change??

    Why isnt this info available in the manual or service booklet?? Just looked on Ford Etis and it says 100,000 miles/8years. Well its 7 years old and only has 40,000....so im assuming I need to change in year 8?
  2. Cam Belt Change??

    Well I'm pretty sure I can see a belt to the left of th engine, yes
  3. Air Con Quandry

    Hi guys My air con doesnt seem to work. When i select the AC the light on the button comes on but no cold air comes out. Normally when you turn the air con you can feel the engine slow down due to the power the air con draws, but this does not happen. Could this be the fuse as opposed to the gas running out? If it needs regassing, wouldnt this be evident as the engine would still try and draw the power?
  4. Cam Belt Change??

    Hi guys For the life of me I cannot locate in my manual or sevice booklet when the cambelt on my Cmax needs to be changed. It's a 2005 plate ford focus Cmax 1.6 Zetec petrol. Has 40k on the clock. Can anyone advise? Also, why isnt this important info in any of the booklets?? Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums x-spaced-x :)