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  1. I mentioned this in a separate thread but thought it better to start my own. Following the recent loss of coolant and overheating of my 2013 Zetec S which is likely to require a new engine I'm keen to find out if I'm just unlucky or this is a real concern for Fiesta Ecoboost owners. If you have a Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost engine please reply with 1) Year / Reg 2) Mileage 3) Any coolant or head gasket issues? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ecoboost Engine Failure - 2015?

    I'm experiencing the problem with my 2013 Fiesta Zetec S with 35000 miles. Driving home from station the engine temperature was high. I pulled over, checked engine and found the coolant had gone. Refilled, drove home and took for test run the next day. Rough start up and excessive white smoke from the rear so booked into Ford who have had it a few days. They say there is evidence of coolant loss and want £620 to take engine apart and investigate further, this includes head gasket replacement if that is required. Now from what I've read and been told any overheating at all and the engine is cracked so I'm expecting the bill to be much higher than that, possibly £3000 to £4000!! I've been advised by a Ford technician in confidentiality that the common cause is failure of the o-ring on the timing cover causing coolant to enter the cylinders. Reading online there are suggestions failure of the water pump will also cause overheating and kill the engine. There's also an in depth forum post in Australia stating the engine gets hotter than most and by design it is flawed. ` So what we're dealing with is an engine that may be flawed in its design according to an expert in Australia, has an O-ring that is prone to failure and any overheating is likely to result in a new engine being required. To make this fair it would be good if ANYONE with the 1.0 Ecoboost engine could post below their mileage, year of manufacture and whether or not they've had any problems yet. If I had my time again I'd be checking my coolant levels on a daily basis and if I ever get the car back it will sadly be moving on.
  3. Upgrading the stereo in my 13 plate Zetec S. A bit of help and advice please. Splicing cables from front speaker output behind radio. 2 cables running to Sony amp which then feeds front Component speakers I have installed in the door. The other 2 cables running to an under seat Pioneer amp. I'm leaving the rear speakers as they are, not amped. So the questions I have please. 1) Need a switched live for the amp, where should I get this from please? Ideally I was going to take it from the back of the stereo but can't work out which wire. 2) The underseat amp also requires a permanent live and switched live. I've found a tutorial which takes them from fuses 15 and 21, is this ok? Is there another fuse I could use for the amp switched live or can I splice into the switched fuse 15 to run to both amp and sub? Thanks for any help
  4. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Bringing this thread back from the dead. I'm upgrading the sounds in my Mk7.5 3 door Fiesta ZS. Keeping the factory stereo (not the Sony one). I've decided to replace the front speakers including tweeters with Pioneer speakers I've had a few years. I'm running new cables 1.5mm to my 4 channel amp which I plan to put under the passenger seat. My question is what to do with the other 2 channels of the amp. I had planned to replace the rear 2 speakers too and run them from the amp but I'm wondering if I'd be better using it for a sub instead. If I do get a sub I'd look for an under seat one as don't want to lose any boot. So if I use the amp to power the fronts and a sub have I lost my rear 2 speakers or can you split the rear speaker wires to feed the amp input and direct to the back speakers too? For info my amp has high level inputs so don't need and RCA adapter. Thanks
  5. Fiesta 7.5 DRL LED Headlight Swap

    Did someone say Brighton? I'm in the South so if there's a contract there could you pm me his details? Parked next to a ZS today with the LEDs grrrrrr
  6. Fiesta 7.5 DRL LED Headlight Swap

    I think the problem is getting past the man on the front desk answering the phone. I'm pretty determined to do this.
  7. Fiesta 7.5 DRL LED Headlight Swap

    Losing the will here. Rang local Ford Service Dept who said he'd been asked about fitting these before and said the LEDs use less current so it would need to be totally rewired so looking at £800! He said you could straight swap them but the LEDs would start dying within a short time. Next dealer said no sorry we don't get involved in modifications. Might need the number of yr friend Ginger! I'll keep searching for now!
  8. Fiesta 7.5 DRL LED Headlight Swap

    Thanks Ginger. Just wondered if a anyone has actually done it.
  9. 2013 Zetec S owner. I'm seriously considering changing my standard headlights with standard bulb DRL's for the LED ones as per the ST and Tit. From searching on here I see it's a straight swap but needs Ford to reprogramme something. Just wondered if anyone has successfully done this swap or spoken with Ford and had success or failure. Thanks in advance
  10. Driving to a mountain resort in France at the end of January for week of falling down mountains with pieces of wood strapped to my feet. Taking the S-Max X Sport with Xenon headlamps and 235x45x18 wheels. I've done a bit of research but am interested in anyone with experience of similar matters. SNOW CHAINS The French laws require you to carrysnow chains to drive the final leg of where we are going. It seems the tyre fitted to our car can not be used with regular snow chains that go around the back of the tyre due to clearance issues. The options open to me seem to be: 1) Thule do a K-Summit option (K34) which seems to get around that problem as it only fits over the tread and front of the wheel. The only thing is they cost £300 so a bit expensive. 2) There is another chain produced (CK-7) which is thinner than most (7mm thick) and goes around the back of the tyre and costs considerably less at around £170. But I won't know if this works for sure without trying it. 3) Or Snow Socks. www.autosock.co.uk web site claims "Since 2010 AutoSock is certified to comply with the French winter equipment regulations and can be used in France where the snowchain sign (B26) is in place. Please note that AutoSock are the only snow socks that comply with this regulation." Snow socks can be picked up for around £65. XENON HEADLIGHTS I was expecting to need some sort of light adjustment or deflector for driving on the wrong side of the road. I've read however that light deflectors are not a good idea as the lights get hotter than normal so the sticker will melt? Also people saying they can't find the template to fit them on newer cars? I may talk to Ford about this but a previous poster said Ford couldn't help! SPARE WHEEL For a while now i've had in the back of my mind to get a spare wheel to keep at home in my garage in case we get a local puncture and someone could go to our house and fetch it. I'm having trouble locating the same alloy wheel although i expect Ford would do me a new one for a large wedge of cash. I'm guessing a 16" or 17" S-Max wheel with a 2nd hand low thread tyre would do for getting out of trouble. Anyone got any thoughts? I also read people have carried a Mondeo space saver which has attracted negative comments. Either way I would like to carry a spare wheel to France with me to get me out of any emergencies so any pointers or suggestions (including link to the mondeo thing) appreciated.
  11. Transmission Fault

    I had a transmition fault on my 2010 Petrol 203 X sport. Ford diagnosed the Alternator as faulty and replaced it under warranty. No problems since. Hope yours is that easy.
  12. Sorry I never finsihed this thread off. Just to let you know the problem was indeed fixed by changing the alternator. No problems since :)
  13. Dealers have diagnosed Alternator as the fault so having it changed on Monday. Fingers crossed that cures the problem!
  14. Bought a 2010 Titanium X Sport Petrol last Saturday. Drove it home over 200 miles but Sunday around half way into a 5 mile journey it started jumping when accelerating from a roundabout! I have the Powershift Automatic gear box. It was as if it couldnt change to third from second. This generated a warning notice saying Engine Malfunction and then Transmition Fault or something like that. I pulled over and after turning the car off then on it drove fine although kept the warning displayed. Aftergettibg the car home I did the self test which brought up no faults and cleared the error message! 3 days later and again accelerating gently around 2nd gear it did it again. Started kangarooing a bit so I pulled over, turned off the car then on again and drives fine. This time the fault warning cleared itself from my display. Any advice or suggestions please? I'm taking the car into Ford on Friday but wonder if I may have to try and give the car back to the dealer I bought it from! I'm guessing this may be the reason the previous owner got rid! For info its the 203 bhp engine and has done 19000 miles. I bought it from an Independent garage not a Ford dealer. It had no service history which was annoying!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Cross Max :)