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  1. Happy Birthday Erskineg!

  2. Roof Racks For 2012 Focus

    Yeah i've been mainly looking at Thule roof racks, but not sure of the correct variant. Thule Rapid system - 754 Thule wing bar 969 Thule kit 1634.... Apparently these are the ones to go for... Think i'll head into Halfords and see what they’ve got marked against my car. Cheers :)
  3. Im now fed up with lumping two bikes in the back of the car and having to clean up after trail riding! :) I've search the internet looking for bike roof rack/rails to fit my 2012 focus. Upon searching i can see two different fittings - ones without mounting holes in door frame and with. Has anyone who owns the mk3 focus hatch fitted the roof racks and if so what type did you go for? Cheers
  4. K&n Filter For 2012 Focus Zetec S

    Cheers, i think i'll hangfire till more companies make them see if there is a review later on in the year and buy then.
  5. As above, Does anyone know the exact product/part no. for a K&N filter to fit a '12 Focus zetec s 1.6 T? I've had a look on the K&N uk website and it quotes part no. E-2993, but im not 100% sure if this is the best/correct part for my car. Help very much appreciated. Cheers Gareth
  6. I could understand that from a diesel.. but as i said if it happens i will be in line to buy one!! ha
  7. Sounds good Arif, im planning on keeping my mods simple too, thought about tinting and the vinyl wrap so when you've got it sorted it'd be good to see how it looks :) No plans to lower (yet) remap will be my first upgrade to performance then i'll see what else is available.
  8. Hmmm 40bhp gain from a remap? possibly the best remap in the world!!? seems abit farfetch, but hell if others do it and get this gain i'm on board!! But yeah i would look to remap the engine - seems to struggle at pull off so hopefully that would rectify that issue... saying that i've not gone passed 3k revs in gears 1-5 yet.. 6th is a different story! ; )
  9. DRL's will be on my list also, still have no idea why ford havent made these standard on the new focus - i thought it was compulsary these days!?
  10. Cheers Lenny, saves me asking my next question about where to get DRLs! :)
  11. I've had my Focus 1.6t 180 ecoboost for a month now and i'm starting to wonder what will come available in the aftermarket arena, anyone have any ideas for upgrades? Cheers
  12. To People That Bought There Fords Brand New

    Happens all the time in my neck of the woods too, mainly due to buyers walking into a showroom asking for a specific motor - and if youre records are on file the salesman will contact you and 'entice' you with lower payments and a new car...
  13. New Member

    Waiting to see what comes available really, maybe a engine remap but more than happy to live with it being standard.
  14. New Member

    Thanks, yeah its black - weather depending i'll get more pics taken this weekend.
  15. New Member

    Thought i'd drop a note to say hello, Currently drive a new Focus Zetec S 180 1.6 t ecoboost (rolls off the tongue..) Previously owned a '57 plate Fiesta ST from new. Cheers