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  1. Ford Owners Club Dealer Survey 2015

    Survey completed. Will be interesting what Dealer comes up best.
  2. I'm looking for a set of interior mats (preferably black carpet type) for a Focus Zetec S 2014. All i can find on the Web are standard mats as in attachment below, i have had this style before and they did not last very long. Anyone know if Ford have any other type of mats ie a premium quality style on the market? Regards Neil Dowdeswell.
  3. Focus Air Con Fault

    I have now discovered that the air flow works when turned to max but still only blowing out normal temperature air
  4. I have a Focus Titainum 1.6 06 plate. I have recently been experiencing problems with the air con, when the air con is switch on to cold I just get normal air temperature and when I turn the air flow fan to max I just get very little air flow from vents. Will regassing the system resolve this problem or could there be some other problem Regards Neil Dowdeswell
  5. 1Lt Ecoboost 125Bhp Or 1.6 125Bhp Engine

    Thanks for all the feedback, good points to consider.
  6. I am in the process of looking at trading in my 06 Focus Titanium for a year old focus, I'm tempted by the 1 ltr 120 bhp Eco boost engine, however i have also been thinking of staying with the trusty 1.6 engine. I have test driven both engine types and i am impressed with both, has anyone got any helpful advice on the pros and cons (if any) on the two types of engines currently available. Many Thanks Neil D
  7. My wife has just returned from work to find that someone has scratched her car along the passenger door, she has a Ford Fiesta (09) in Hot Magenta colour. Can anyone recommend a good cutting paste/T cut to hide this scratch. Regards Neil Dowdeswell
  8. Rear Bumper For Mk8 Fiesta 2009

    Thanks for the reply Jeebowhite ( even more uncommon name ;) ) it was only a minor bump no one was hurt but made a bit of a mess of the back bumper and took out the bottom reflector light, going to get a few quotes tomorrow so i will include my local Allen Ford branch.
  9. Rear Bumper For Mk8 Fiesta 2009

    I have recently had the misfortune of being hit up the backside by another driver. I managed to obtain his address, mobile number and van reg, he was very apologetic and admitted it was his fault. He also said he would pay for the repair to any damaged caused. Anyone out there know the price of a rear bumper and rear reflector for a MK8 Fiesta (colour-Hot Megenta). Just need some idea of the cost for the repair. Thanks Neil Dowdeswell
  10. Diy Dent Removal.

    Thanks for the replies guys, it happened at my local Tesco store which is one of those superstores with a vast car park so CCTV would not have seen much however i have been told i my be able to remove the headlight housing and push the body work dent out but as for the dent in the bumper dont think much can be done for that.
  11. Came back from a shopping trip and found some...... person had bashed my Focus Titanium. Anyone got any tips on how to get the dent out?
  12. Diy Service On A 06 Focus

    Thanks for all the replies, i feel quite confident now after reading your posts. Just to order the parts now. Thanks again to you all. Neil D
  13. Diy Service On A 06 Focus

    I have a Focus Titanium 1.6 (06 plate/ 49000 mls) and have discovered that it is well overdue for a full service and the break pads are a little on the low side. I have been quoted £230 for a full service and brake pad replacement (not Ford Dealer) which i can ill afford. I am considering doing both jobs myself with a little help from my father (who happens to be a mechanic although in his mid 60's). Has anyone out there performed any of these jobs before and if so is it a job for a novice although under supervision by my father. First timer on forum. Neil.
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums Dowdeswelln :)