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  1. Mpg In Econetic Ford Focus

    I've got a 60 plate 1.6 tdci zetec s and get 60-67 depending on style. Usually around 680miles a tank before fill up. check out the which & honest john mpg websites which gives you an indication on expected mpg based on a few factors and what others get from their cars.
  2. Additional Power Point?

    Got the part on order but unless im being a bit thick i'm having trouble getting behind the plate thats in the cubby hole...?! Tried this weekend as running the aux cable from the glovebox into here too but can't get it out. Is it supposed to come out or do I have to work above or from behind it?
  3. Additional Power Point?

    Both-thanks. Will order part and have a crack.
  4. Additional Power Point?

    Hello all, i've been enjoying my 2010 tdci zetec s focus. Very nicw upgrade feom 2007 fiesta zetec s but i'm starting to find the position of the power point very annoying and not practicle. Because I have power start the power point is in the arm rest. charging phones, sat navs, mp3 etc is a little inconvenient. How easy is it to instal an additional power point (say in the flip up cubby hole under the fan/heater controls? Googled a fair amount and can't find anything about additional power sockets-surely i'm not the only person to find this annoying? Ta in advance.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Graeme900 :)