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  1. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    Well I did reset as above and chime worked for about a month then as soon as we get into early dark nights it decides to stop working can't believe I have to keep doing a reset just for the thing to work
  2. Lights On Chime

    I have posted on this before the funny thing is the chime started and worked all winter then about the time we switched to bst and adjusted clock it stopped working again wonder if there is some kind of programming involved so waiting to see what happens when clocks change again
  3. Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci Econetic Chimes

    I had this problem but after using the fog lights for the first time chimes now work when lights left on
  4. Flip Keyfob Button Pad

    Well done will def give it a go now
  5. Flip Keyfob Button Pad

    Yep exactly the way I was thinking could be worth paying a bit extra and going for shell bottom half inc new keypad and just swop internals and top half from original
  6. Flip Keyfob Button Pad

    Can any kind soul point me in the direction of instructions to changing the button pad on my flip keyfob
  7. Focus Floor Mats

    I got mine from ebay just search for Hitech mats for focus very impressed and less than £20 all in
  8. Mist Jets

    Sounds good but how good are they at motorway speeds do they still cover most of the screen?
  9. Interior Lights?

    Got to agree from examples seen and will go for LED's as well to match ones I have in footwell
  10. Interior Lights?

    Great thanks will give it a go gotta be better than the single wedge bulb one I have
  11. Interior Lights?

    Think I will need to check seem to think I have 2 connectors 1 is wider than other but don't remember 1 being L shaped lol
  12. Interior Lights?

    OK thanks Stoney now to find one lol
  13. Interior Lights?

    Looking to do this myself but notice my original unit ( zetec 2.5 ) has only 2 wires going to connectors but mondeo unit has 3 connectors does this matter ? also if I got one with intrusion sensors does it matter if the sensors are not wired in
  14. Lights Left On Warning

    Thanks i'll try the door the only thing i added was bulbs into footwell holders which work with interior light
  15. Lights Left On Warning

    Thanks for reply yes get beeps and chimes works on seatbelt warning fine and have run diag test and chimes work ok very confusing