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  1. Eu To Outlaw Car Modifications...

    How long is a piece of string mate. All depends on the claim, the type of accident, WHO the third party insurer is, who YOUR insurer is, if there are witnesses, if there is injury, if there is a quantum dispute.... Standard hit in the rear, the people I work for vs a good insurer like Admiral, no write offs, garages being speedy, you're looking at 4-8 weeks before its closed behind the scenes. Thats with liability being accepted day one. If its in dispute and a really !Removed! insurer like RSA, you're in trouble. We've not actually paid an RSA claim in nearly a year now.
  2. Eu To Outlaw Car Modifications...

    Sure do :P Motor Claims Negotiator. You get to talk to some strange, idiotic people in my job!
  3. Eu To Outlaw Car Modifications...

    Well.. On the plus side it would make my job a bit quicker, no people shouting at me when they mod their cars and don't tell us.
  4. Gutted About New Facelift

    Just had a look for the new design. Must say, I think the front end + Bonnet is horrible. Much prefer my Mk7!
  5. Cutting Keys

    Aye, it's the transponder in the key which allows it to turn the security off is why it's expensive, its not like a house key
  6. Played 3 to death, probably abnout halfway through 4. I'll have so many cars to download, I've had the season pass for ages but not downloading anything :/
  7. Plastic Inserts - Fiesta Zetec

    Yup, I actually noticed this myself on my new Fiesta when washing it on saturday, Seems like its the same on my mothers 2011 model too. None on my fathers 06 Focus though...
  8. Installing A Second Aux Line And Usb Charger

    If it's just to charge the iPod, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GRIFFIN-TWIN-2-PORT-USB-12V-UNIVERSAL-CAR-CIGAR-SOCKET-LIGHTER-CHARGER-ADAPTER-/250999272892#ht_2419wt_1163 will do you. I have one sat permenantly in the 12v socket, one cable to charge phone, other to charge GPS. fits dead flush too.
  9. "disco" Led Vs Incandesant In Map Light Mk7

    I think I legit just had a seizure watching that.
  10. Gear Lever Returning To Centre, Even When In Gear

    Sadly not the answer you're looking for, but a question. If it's in second and you want to go to neutral to stop but it's already knocked itself out... how do you get into neutral?
  11. Any Good Jokes??

    Aviva Insurance
  12. My red LED's came tother day, put em in the other night, looks quite tidy, matches (nearly) the rest of the lighting now.
  13. Bluetooth Question

    And this is why I need to shush
  14. Bluetooth Question

    Just a standard LCD screen I would guess, but I could very well be wrong
  15. Bluetooth Question

    I think USB and Bluetooth are the same module, so without one you can't wont have the other :/