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  1. 1.8 Petrol Focus S Sluggish :/

    Cheers scot il get it checked
  2. 1.8 Petrol Focus S Sluggish :/

    Lol foca ;) so i aint confused you but you dont know whats wrong ? Lol
  3. Radio Issues

    What am i looking for behind the head unit mike ? Lol and if thats ok a new aerial u mean ?
  4. 1.8 Petrol Focus S Sluggish :/

    Hi again lol ive got a focus s 59 plate it seems very sluggish and seems nowhere near as powerful as it shud be i know its not a huge engine but still surely there should be some torque in the lower gears? Oh and the handling is horrendous lol seems to understeer all the time and trys to spin is this normal ? Sorry if ive confused you lol hope you can help
  5. Radio Issues

    Hi guys my radio sounds as if i need to alter the frequency all the time but i dont lol it looses signal alot aswell can anyone help ?
  6. Idle Control Valve Trouble

    Hi guys when i slow down and press the clutch in the revs start to fluctuate and sometime the car wants to cut out or on a hill with cluch control the car will stall is the the idle control vavle and is it covered under the warrantee?
  7. Weird Revs When Free Wheeling

    Its a mk2 59 zetec s and i dont go around with the car in neutral lol when im about to slow down and the clutch is in and my foot is on the brake the revs start to go up and down then now and again the batt light may flicker and the car nearly stalls :)
  8. Weird Revs When Free Wheeling

    Hi guys When i free wheel at a high speed and gradually slow down the rev meter starts to go up and down by itself sometimes when ive nearly stopped it sometimes stalls or the battery light comes on and the car struggles to stay on any ideas ?
  9. 59 Zetec S 1.8 Ipod Plug In ?

    Ive got a aux point in the glove box so what sort of lead can i get to play my ipod through it ? And whats it called :) as u can see know nothing about all this car stuff ;)
  10. At Every Start A Sudden Noise Like A Spring Snapping

    Ye cheers mate think it is thank god :)
  11. 59 Zetec S 1.8 Ipod Plug In ?

    il have to check cheers guys ive got a 59 zetec s if tht means anything :)
  12. 59 Zetec S 1.8 Ipod Plug In ?

    Hi again guys can anyone tell me if i plug an ipod into my car please ?
  13. Weird Springy Noise Once Started

    Ye bang on mate 15mph ish thats a relief :) cheers guys
  14. Everytime i start my car a few seconds into the drive it will make a noise as if a spring has just snapped not exactly sure where the noise actually is seems to be but its roughly behind the pedel area maybe under the bonnet just the otherside can anyone help plz ? And how do i know if i need a new idle control valve and how much thanks guys
  15. Weird Springy Noise Once Started

    The springy noise seems to be coming from roughly behind the pedels area maybe under the bonet that sort of area its a 59 zetec s 1.8 its happens everytime i start it once its done that "noise" its ok lol and whats an icv and how much lol