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  1. Private Reg

    Thanks for all your comments, Ive decided against it. Ive decided to get one that is both personal to me and legal. Also, I agree!! L18M is obviously LIAM...... Bit strange saying it dont look like it! Maybe your just a personal plate hater. Anyhow, Thank you again to all the people who actually helped with advice and not just used this topic to vent there personal opinion or sarcasm on something that is non topic related. Now im off to start a topic, "am i a {removed} if i have a private plate"......Where no doubt your comments will be right at home...........
  2. Private Reg

    Im in Nottingham, so i dont know....... :-S I might not risk it, :-S
  3. Private Reg

    Hi All, First Post, Im just wondering...... Im thinking of buying a private reg, only im in a conundrum. Im wondering how bad it is with getting pulled on an illegal spacing....... Basically ive seen a few plates one of them is like this (not the actual plate of course just in case i buy it, but you should get the idea!) L18 MHU What the probability be of getting pulled if i had it as L18M HU ? The other ones i would have legally spaced as its like this :- V888 LJJ, H777 LJJ etc etc Which do you think 1) Looks better and 2) is a better buy as there both £250. Thanks in advance, Liam
  4. Mk7 Turbo Question

    cheers, i was just wondering if someone else had done it post factory. Well it drives fine, and i spoke to a mechanic who recommends an oil service every 6 months outside of guidlines just to be safe (and for £25 i think its worth it!) Beautiful fiesta fordpartsman! :-)
  5. Mk7 Turbo Question

    Hi all, This is my first post, and im just wondering something...... I have a 2009 (09) 1.6 TDCI. Ive heard lots of horror stories about the turbos failing on the engine due to the engineering between the hoses, the sump and the turbo (its the same as in the mini, pug hdi, citroen etc ive been told?) From what ive read it seems that they are "garrett" (if ive spelt right) turbos. However..... After looking at my engine and turbo, nowhere does it state garrett on the turbo body it just states various numbers. Also there are marks on the bolt heads and bolt housing, where it looks to me they have been marked for the correct torque settings for when the turbo unit is removed and put back on.....Why would someone do this for a car with 23k on the clock? Ive taken a photo so you can see (i hope its right size etc for the forum as i dont know how to scale it) Also do the new TDCI units still suffer with this problem of turbo failure, as again when reading i get mixed responces. Some people say yes but only on focus and others say no, it was rectified on the MK7, and then there are people who say yes the turbo fails on all TDCI's Please help/advice Cheers Liam
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Liam Mango Jackson :)