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  1. Radio

    I had to have new cd player fitted under waranty
  2. Dent On Door

    thanks for that
  3. Dent On Door

    dent wizard came today at work had a go but it was too sunny could not see the dent properly as white cars are hard to do when sunny will come back when a bit duller dont know if thats right???????
  4. Dent On Door

    thanks will let you know how it goes
  5. Dent On Door

    thanks for your help but the dent is on the design line on the door so i dont think the e-bay would work been quoted £60 dont know if thats good
  6. Dent On Door

    hi some kind person put a dent on my passenger door in a car park it only a small dent .has anyone used people like dent deviels or people like them and did they do a good job,i have fiesta 2011 thanks
  7. Spare Tyre For New Fords

    when i got my new fiesta they had put a spare wheel in it
  8. Radio

    thanks will do
  9. Radio

    thanks for you help with other post i have had, i have got problem with my cd player it keeps saying cd drive malfunction and will not eject aswell ,got a 2011 model from new i would like information first before i go to dealers i dont trust them thanks
  10. Tyres

    i have just had my first service on my fiesta i was told that i need 2 new front tyres very soon i have only done 10000 miles.They have both worn on the inside they said i must have hit a pot hole i know i have not .They said it needs tracking but i would think one tyre would wear more than the other if tracking was outHas anyone had th same problem thanks.
  11. Hello! - A Few Questions From A New Owner Of A Fiesta!

    i got a new fiesta last october 2011 iwas told ford do not put badges on anymore so i asked for one in my deal aswell as mats
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums pinky perks :)

    1. pinky perks

      pinky perks

      thanks sorry it took so long