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  1. It's from the front end I can't be specific on the exact location of it. It's not effecting performance if that's any help
  2. Recently when I'm accelerating I'm hearing a raspy sound from around 2000 revs. Any ideas what it could be?
  3. I’ve signed up for #Parklife2016 membership. Get involved at #

  4. im thinking about getting a new stereo/radio for my car, will i need anything extra if i am to get a double din stereo such as tools etc. if so what are they and where can i get them? could you recommend any radios for around £70-£130? ive never done anything like this before i know you can get halfords to fit it but id like to do it myself. is it hard to do, what problems will i come up against if any much appreciated
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums itsstevo :)

  6. will be pleased that Derek Niven has won the Blue Sq. Premier Player of the Month award. #FMH2012