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  1. Max Weight On The Boot Lid?

    Cheers for the replies so far. I'm looking to hang three bikes coming in at around 100lbs, 45kgs. I might be able to reduce some of this weight by removing the wheels to put into the boot, but there will already be a fourth bike in there... and four people's worth of kit. So I really doubt I'll have the room for the wheels :S I am a bit concerned that if the hinges go, the lid will be flipped into low Earth orbit, where it will be unobtainable. I've considered a toebar, but I can't afford one right now. --edit-- 100lbs plus the weight of the rack
  2. Focus Tdci 90 Econetic Estate

    I've the 90hp 1.6 too in estate form. I find the engine a bit too gutless to pull out into smalll gaps as I'm sure you'll find. Had no problems so far though it's a new car to me too.
  3. Max Weight On The Boot Lid?

    Hello all, first time user. Just picked up my first Ford Focus (MKII estate) so I'll probably be poking around from time to time. Would anyone be able to tell me how much weight the estate boot lid will take when mounting a bike rack? The racks I'm looking at are rated to 99lbs but I'm curious what the lid is able to hold. Cheers in advance