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  1. read

    The Cockpit Leeds

    Afternoon!! Am bringing my daughters to The Cockpit in Leeds this week to see a band (they are doing the seeing, I'll be doing the waiting to take them home!!). Anyone from Leeds know of any decent restaurants around the cockpit I can go to waste a couple of hours?? Ta!!
  2. Mornin' all, So I'm just coming to the end of a week off work, not much of a holiday though spent most of it fitting a new kitchen...... While I've been doing the kitchen I've spent a lot of time listening to Absolute radio and Asbolute 80s on DAB and have enjoyed it so I am wondering what the options are available for retrofitting DAB in the car? Anyone done this and have any opinions as to which setup to go for? I guess there is either one of the dab adaptors (like the Pure Highway) or a complete change of stereo?? Thanks...... btw - should have said it's to go in an 06 Mk3 Mondeo.
  3. read

    Transporting Dogs

    Don't mean to hijack the thread but is there a guard available for a mk3 hatchback that can be left if and still allow the parcel shelf to be fitted......obviously it'd be removed before the dog went in!!!
  4. read

    Which Code Reader

    Like the idea of the Bluetooth unit and an android phone think I might give that a go dot the sake of a tenner.........thanks chaps!!
  5. read

    Ford Cougar Overheating

    any of these what your after? not vey good at hyperlinks so may or may not work!!
  6. read

    Which Code Reader

    Thanks for the replies I'll have a look at the links when I get home from work tonight
  7. read

    Which Code Reader

    Live diagnostics would be good but I guess it'll come down to cost and pacticality. Whilst a live system using a laptop wouldn't be a much of a problem for me can't see the wife being to happy having to drive her car with the laptop on the passenger seat!!
  8. Evenin' all... Can anyone recomend a code reader which would work on both an 06 2.2tdci Mondeo and an 05 1.6 petrol Renault Megane? Ta............. Should add that I'm not too bothered whether it's a handheld unit or one that needs a laptop
  9. read


    Morning All, So I am looking to get a small trailer, going to be used mainly fo trips to the tip at the minute while I'm trying to clear the garden after fitting a new kitchen and building an extension on the back of the house!! I figure it'll be cheaper in the long un than hiring a skip plus I'll still have it when everything is done....not looking to spend a fortune maybe up to £150 (cheap as possible really, so it'll most likely be coming from the bay or local classifieds) here is the question!!! Do I go for a steel frame with wooden sides or one of those pressed steel ones? Anyone have any experience of either/both pro's and cons......(and anyone aound Lincolnshire got one for sale!!) Thanks all............
  10. read

    Were Is Everone?

    Ok long story but................ Co. Westmeath (hello Lenny!!), Plymouth (hello Stoney!!), Germany and now Lincolnshire!! there are a few more places inbetween....well quite a few actually but they're the ones I've spent the most time living in!!
  11. read

    Evening All

    Don't even notice the hills anymore!! There's one on the way to Cadwell Park on the way out of North Willingham (A631 I think, not good on road numbers!!) which is pretty steep (I'm sure anyone else around Lincoln will probably know it) but it cruises up that in 6th no problems!! Will have to look out and see what gradient it is next time I'm that way!!
  12. read

    Really Need Help Please

    Have to agree with Lenny re Halfords guides. Got a set of headlight lamps for my C5 a while back using their book - was back an hour later because they were the wrong ones.......according to their book I needed H4's whereas it was H7's....
  13. read

    Evening All

    Cheers Lenny think the wheels played a big part in deciding whether to buy or not, think they suit the car pretty well... not searched for the footwell sockets yet but I guess I will be now!! It's !Removed! quick too!!!
  14. read

    Evening All

    Hopefully this work!! far all good!!
  15. read

    Evening All

    Right so, used to be in Westmeath up until a few years ago!!..... Hi Sabrina.....