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    Focus Mk2.5 Mods To Date

    hi guys newbie here ;) a mate of mine who works for ford recommended me to put few pics up on here 4 u guys bought a 1.8 zetec for the mrs bout 4 months ago we needed it as a run a round as im looking to get the new rs6 estate ;) in about a year n halfs time iv just sold my astra vxr (sorry 4 mentioning all these other brands on a ford forum lol) iv always had big cars and iv always liked doin em up i dunno its a facination i av, i got bored looking at the standard focus so after 2 months it went through a major change i'll give ya guys before and after pics car has had an amazing custom paint job by my mate what you wont see in the pics which i now have done are: led on the door handles (thanks to this forum) led footwell light, so easy simple plug n play cree reverse light heko wind deflectors (All thanks to the guys and their amzing help and guides on here) ford ghost lights on front 2 doors looks amazing but need more power so looking to get the cree one stuff left to do Skirts and tints also might sell these alloys and get 19"'s on it THANKS FOR LOOKING GUYS
  2. Jay Ali

    Stone Chips Along Car

    Hi guys n girls I dont know if its just my car but I am getting serious stone chips along my doors from my front wheels Im baffed because I had this issue before and now have mud flaps on but found a nasty stone chip on my drivers door just now also I got a chip just above the drivers window too lol dont ask how Why does the front wheels spit so much never had issues like this with anynither car (I presume it happens while on a bend)
  3. Jay Ali

    Mk 2.5 Wheel Bolts

    I got the st alloys on mine n I was looking to get some black bolts/nuts to match my alloys looked on ebay but there's alot of sizes etc, I aint got the foggiest lol Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  4. Jay Ali

    Mk 2.5 Bonnet Heat Shield

    Hi guys been a while I was wondering if the mk2.5 is suppose to come with the bonnet heat shield coz mine does not have it as I have the rs vents on n the water is goin on my freshly painted engine bay bits n surely not healthy for the engine either Please some help on this would be really appreciated as I cannot find on fleabay ;)
  5. Jay Ali

    Mk 2.5 Bonnet Heat Shield

    Thanks buddy
  6. Jay Ali

    Mk 2.5 Bonnet Heat Shield

    I need 1 on mine lol
  7. Jay Ali

    The Ultamate Rear Seat Cover

    Iv had these fitted for quite some time now and I think they're excellent for babies or drooling dogs lol Mine say st on the rear and focus on the fronts in blue (gotta b color coded) ;) The fronts are semi custom fit though cos the other ones I got from the seller wasnt a fitment I wanted
  8. Jay Ali

    Side Skirts Now Added/exhaust Tip Changed Too!

    Cars looking lush buddy N it neva stops man trust me there's always something more to do !Removed! brain dont rest lol
  9. Hi guys n girls I wanna get both my st front grills glossed black I'll be taking it to the body shop for it but I want it done properly ie dont want it to start peeling n stuff over time etc Whats the best way to do it so I can tell the bodyshop I want it that way Thanks in advance guys ;)
  10. Jay Ali

    Show Me Your Exhausts Or Tailpipes Please

    Hope this helps These are 2.5" n cost me 300 custom made
  11. Jay Ali

    Gloss Black Both St Front Grills

    Thanks alot guys u been very helpful I haven't really done any mods recently i think iv ran out of ideas lol But as soon as I do something I will deffo post it here Im open to any ideas too :)
  12. Jay Ali

    Gloss Black Both St Front Grills

    Jus a quick shot after a detailing session ;)
  13. Jay Ali

    Mk2.5 (Style) Seems Alot Noisy Then My Old Mk1

    Where can I get these from buddy Cheers
  14. Jay Ali

    Focus Zetec S Kit Fitted

    Hi bud Any chance of them details please ;)
  15. Jay Ali

    Just An Update ;)

    Thanks dude I deffo will give them a shout
  16. Jay Ali

    Just An Update ;)

    hi guys aint been on here a while done few things to the car while i was missing, here goes lol i color coded all the black features i had on my car minus the roof n mirrors color coded engine bay parts st side skirts painted n fitted alloys done by spit and polish ugraded footwell light to 36 smd leds on each bulb (light up like a kitchen lol) changed my double din unit ( i had the one off ebay china make, sat nav, 3g the lot lol) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DVD-Player-GPS-Navigation-System-for-FORD-Mondeo-FOCUS-C-MAX-S-MAX-KUGA-GALAXY-/321121230876?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item4ac451201c it looked the dogs B******S but the sound quality was the worst i heard in my life n had issues with sat nav so now , i now have a pioneer double din after getting a refund on the china 1 and adding a bit more i detailed the car and finished it off with wolf chemicals hard body paint sealant im waiting on the seat covers some1 recommended from here i got the rear which say ST in the middle (black with blue piping and St in blue) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280602965533?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2648 the fronts will say focus in the middle in the same layout oh, and i got a new windscreen !Removed! gritters done my last one in on the A13 lol im looking to get all the blue hoses in my engine bay but bit lost where to look some help on this would b appreciated any comments and advise will gladly be taken ;) heres a few pics
  17. Jay Ali

    Just An Update ;)

    I also forgot to mention got a custom made induction kit done too
  18. Jay Ali

    Just An Update ;)

    Whatevers best mate ;)
  19. Jay Ali

    Just An Update ;)

    Thanks alot mate The sound from the pioneer how can I put it Its amazing sounded crystal clear n its like I got a subwoofer in my car
  20. Jay Ali

    Just An Update ;)

    Thanks, that's next on my agenda st spoiler and also the rear drums really look nasty too lol will do them this weekend hopefully
  21. Jay Ali

    Zetec S

    I agree with the guys on this 1 I originally wanted a diesel but ended up with a 1.8 petrol now I wish I had the patience to wait for a diesel coz there aint much you can do to a petrol without a turbo or supercharger on it But diesel on the other hand lot can be done
  22. Jay Ali

    St Kit Fitted...first Few Pics

    That rs spoiler looks crazy Iv been wanting to put one on but all ma mates av put me off it saying its gonna look ott Gonna show all em your car n rub it in now lol
  23. Jay Ali

    St Kit Fitted...first Few Pics

    The exhaust, I got mine done in chadwell heath both connected for 300 n a tip of my choice let me know wat ya think n I'll get their details again for ya The badges I'd say gel overlays from dmb graphics
  24. Jay Ali

    St Kit Fitted...first Few Pics

    Excellent work mate cars looking spot on
  25. Jay Ali

    Engine Cover ?

    I have a 58 1.8 zetec petrol n mine did come with it hope this helps 1 thing I was goin to ask is mine didnt come with a heat shield foam cover thing on the inside of the bonnet is this how they come