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  1. Stoney your a hive of information, why do I have 2 keys tho, the second key is just a key on its on with the chip, obviously the previous owner had probs with the main key( fob) and got an ordinary key,,,,, so I need to fix or replace the main fob key yes...where will I find the door locking motors stoney, is it door panels off??? Thank you for you quick reply. ANdy
  2. Ok here's a strange one, my 2001 mondeo,car is left running window undone ( luckily ) doors lock themselves !???????? Also the fob key doesn't start the car, but the other key does, any ideas please. ANdy t
  3. That's a great help Peter many thanks for that
  4. Ok, I've had my brakes done all round, front and rear discs and pads, ran out of money for the wheel bearing, so hopefully this week.... My prob is my motor factor quoted me£45 for the whole unit/ kit whatever that is lol, yet l oohing online at euro car parts it's just a bearing ????? I'm lost, garage down the road said he would fit it for £80 but needs the car all day as they can be difficult to do, but my mate said he will do it cheaper, how hard can it be he said lol,.... What do I need, the unit or the bearing, I'm, cheers in advance.....2001 mondeo 2 lt petrol front bearing
  5. Thanks stoney much appreciated
  6. Hi all silly this sounds, I've just bought myself a 2001 mondeo 2.0 zetec petrol, it's basically a work car, but its pretty good tbh and I'm maybe gonna spend a bit of money on her, didn't realise how much was on this and it drives spot on, now is it a mk2 or 3 ......there's a whirring sound from the front offside wheel area could this be a wheel bearing..... Cheers in advance people
  7. My 1st car was a 1973 Mini Clubman 1000, my dad bought me the car and my mum paid the ins, loved it, i had the windows blacked out, peco big bore exhaust, white weller wheeels lol i remember the reg, HOR 931L, it was way back in 1979........
  8. Around me app, cool shows shops and stuff around where ever you are.... usefull for garages, shops etc etc
  9. AVG it dose everything i need it to do and its free
  10. hi everyone hope yous are all good, just joined your club/ forum, just picked up an escort 1.8 si hatch 1998, purely a run around and work car, but will be nice to keep my car in tip top cond, anyway hellooooooo.....Andyt
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums andyt54 :)