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  1. 57 Fiesta Zetec - Water In Doors

    I would have thought it should have one front, middle and back.... If there isn't one at the front and you park facing down a slight incline (like on my drive) then the water is going to all sit in the front of the door.... Are you certain that there is no hole.... it might not be the same shape as the others, I think on our three door the front hole is a small round hole whereas the middle and back are more slits.... i'm guessing there definately isn't anything since you have been to the dealer with it. My front hole was gunked up with black s*it and a poke with a bamboo skewer opened the hole again.
  2. 57 Fiesta Zetec - Water In Doors

    Can't take photos as i'm busy, but not being funny, if you look at the bottom of the doors about 1/2" to 1" up from the very bottom of the door, there is a slit about half way along and also towards the back of the door and then at the very front of the door there is a little hole - this one is round. On mine the front hole was gunked up with thick black goo. I just poked a stick up the hole and water came out.... mission accomplished. As I said, don't take this the wrong way mate, but you shouldn't need photos, if you have eyes you should be able to find the holes.
  3. 57 Fiesta Zetec - Water In Doors

    Cheers matey for that, will have a look later today and post back.
  4. Hi guys, the girlfriend has a 2007 (57) Fiesta Zetec since new and we have recently noticed that when we park facing down hill (i.e. on our drive) in the morning after it has rained, we open the door and water pours out of the drain hole in the middle of the door. Now i'm happy its coming out, but surely it shouldn't collect in the first place.... I have read elsewhere that Ford sometimes "forget" to drill a front drain hole in the door which would explain why it happens when facing down hill. Was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and how they got it sorted... What are the chances that Ford will fix this under warranty... car is now 16 months old. Cheers