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  1. Happy Birthday BrandonBomber!

  2. Buckled 16" Alloys!!!

    cheers for the reply, had the alloy changed today at my local ford garage thankfully the tyre was still ok so just got it changed over. All in all though it still cost £250 with fitting and getting the tracking checked, the receptionist was saying she had loads of people come in with the same problem. what made me laugh the most was a brochure on all the different alloys that ford sell and how there tested on all the different types of surface. Maybe they should try driving them on bus routes in towns :D :D
  3. Buckled 16" Alloys!!!

    i own a titanium with 16 inch 15 spoke alloys traveling along last week on the great roads of coventry (joke), doing 30 never seen the pothole in the road and buckled the passenger side front on the inside bad enough to feel vibrations in the steering and rear to a lesser extent also on the inside. Got my car booked in tomorrow at my local ford dealer to change the front one at a cost of £180 just for the alloy. Does anybody know if you can repair alloys as i will keep the one there taking off for spare as there a good chance i'll need it after reading the comments on here. also has anyone claimed against the council responsible and how do you go about doing it any help would be grateful.
  4. Can You Fix A Buckled Alloy On A Mk5 Fiesta

    yeah that's what i thought i guess the best place to look for a replacement would be with a ford dealer or ebay i guess any ideas
  5. My sister has buckled one of her front alloys and i'm just wodering if it's fixable and if not where she could get a replacement from, it's the Zetec version
  6. Mpg

    I average around 48 miles to the gallon driving to work and back buts thats a combined run on a 1.6
  7. Titanium

    I picked up a 59 plate titanium two weeks ago and its the best car i've driven, the only problem i've had is when i'm fueling it up the petrol pump keeps clicking off even when the tanks empty but that could be just me other than that it holds the road lovely and has a bit of va va voom about it
  8. Any Ideas Of What To Change To My Mk7 Fiesta

    Are these badges easy to fit as i was thinking of getting some
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums BrandonBomber :)