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  1. Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    I got them too near to sunglass holder in headlining
  2. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year (or Sawadee Bee Mai) from Thailand. Safe driving in 2013.
  3. Csr Automotive Light Brows Focus Mk2.5

    Thanks Lenny I will order a Zetec 's' spoiler first then see if I can get a splitter to Thailand? TripleR do seem a very proffesional bunch. Cheers
  4. Csr Automotive Light Brows Focus Mk2.5

    Can i ask a stupid question about the splitter..... My (Thai) Mk 2.5 doesn't (yet) have a zetec 'S' style spoiler. Does one of those splitters only fit onto one of those spoilers or can they be fitted to an 'unspoilered' Mk2.5? I really need to get one of those! LOL!!!!! Thanks
  5. Wind Deflectors Are They Worth It ?

    Sorry, Mike. You are quite right that would be a help. Send me some of your rain, mate! Its 85f here today and thats Winter!
  6. Wind Deflectors Are They Worth It ?

    I live in a country where every car of every make has them fitted. They do look good but to be honest I can see no use for them (having had them for the last 7 years)
  7. Hey All- Newbie Here - Ford Focus Zetec S

    Some alternative grills here.... http://www.fordfocusclub.com/forum/index.php/topic,16944.0.html (I will be visiting the shop in Bangkok next month and will report back with my findings)
  8. Alloy Wheels

    PaulE I live in the land of 'copies' (even the ladies! LOL!) and would think carefully before considering copy alloys. I see twisted one every day, mate. Good luck Dave
  9. Ford Focus Mk2 Bixenon Headlamps

    Haz Are you pleased with the retro fit Bi-Xenons? if so any links to what you actually purchased? I worry about OEM products sometimes incase they are all show and no go! Thankz
  10. Sounds like the car has been either in an 'outside' car lot or left standing for some time. Was the previous owner a company as this sounds like the usual signs of an ex-reps company car? Other than the headlight lens most other things seem trivial/cheap to sort out. I would tell garage that the Brake warning light/Braking system need to be sorted before ANYONE would consider a purchase!!
  11. Ice Upgrades

    Great idea for us non smokers!
  12. Speed Camera

    I got away with it in Sussex earlier this year because they don't follow up Foreign addresses! LOL! (and Im not even an Eastern European!!)
  13. Ford Focus 6000Cd Replacement

    Sure have but Ford isn't as popular over here with the Thai's. The Mk 3 has just been launched a couple of months ago. If your (or any other members) serious about a Thai holiday, feel free to get in touch as i would be happy to help/advise you. I've been here for 7 years now! http://www.ford.co.th/cars/focus http://www.fordfocusclub.com/
  14. Ford Focus 6000Cd Replacement

    Thanks Paul, I already read it and what you have sure looks good and very reasonably priced too. My outgoing truck had a big screen DVD so I am really after something like that as a replacement for my new (old model in UK) Focus. GPS would be a bonus but maps for Thailand are usually next to useless. I think Kenwood or Alpine is a possibility although that Eonon looks very very tempting!! Cheers matey! From deepest Thailand!
  15. Ford Focus 6000Cd Replacement

    Thanks for the recommendation nemoa! Just wish it was available with a 7in screen but I suppose you cannot have everything. Is the GPS good and can you get (buy) further maps? (Thailand)??????