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  1. New Fiesta

    Is there a new fiestsa coming next year???! wish id waited ???
  2. Sunglasses

    Anyone got sunglasses case on right hand side where grab handle should be???? can you buy them to fit that empty space? any pictures on forum anywhere???.
  3. Can't see part numbers for catch for secret compartment.can you write them down jn post .
  4. Fiesta Bad Fuel Consumption

    Re set every fill up then ?? take it from there many thanks.
  5. Fiesta Bad Fuel Consumption

    Tesco and Morrison close to home shell good 25 mins away ...ill keep an eye on mpg over next couple weeks see how it goes..
  6. Fiesta Bad Fuel Consumption

    Put 25 squid in today from shell...only cos it was on way .usually tesco I was happy with my mpg better then astray sport hatch I had last.....re set mpg counter and it still says 46 ..47 mpg starting.g to wonder if its accurate reading rest of views on here ?????
  7. Fiesta Bad Fuel Consumption

    How accurate is the reading on this mpg got 49 driving to Leeds cruise control set at 70 ????!
  8. Fiesta Bad Fuel Consumption

    Meant to say hour and half drive..on cruise control 72 mph.
  9. Fiesta Bad Fuel Consumption

    I've got 16 petrol titanium 3 door on an 09 plate just been to Manchester airport ..good journey and half drive average fuel 47 ..Im pleased with that ??!!!
  10. ! Guide ! Mk7 Dash Hidden Storage

    !Removed! hell the stuff you learn about on this forum when its !Removed! it down outside,,,wil try this when the wife brings the car home,
  11. Sunday Morning Fitting Roof Bars

    yes 4 locks on each foot same key ,,very secure but like anything else if somebody wants them they will take em,,,,yea bike carriers for road bike and mountain bike,
  12. Sunday Morning Fitting Roof Bars

    Or did you mean the roof bars?????? they are ford ones from dealers 132.pound . got them down from 150 ?? saw them for 118 online but wanted to check all parts were in box and dealers only 5 mins away from me.
  13. Sunday Morning Fitting Roof Bars

    Yea month blanc can get them on e.bay for about 60 pounds might even be cheaper ..buy 2 together and it works out cheaper .
  14. fiesta panther black 3 door

  15. Sunday Morning Fitting Roof Bars

    posted pictures in media couldnt upload to thread?????